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  1. Thanks again for all the help. I located the pump, as you said under the back seat, imersed in the fuel tank. Ive fixed the problem by taking it all apart and putting it back together. When I disconnected the wires from the top of the fuel pump I noticed that the earth pin was all blackened and burnt. The slot that the earth pin slides into was also slightly melted. I bent the earth pin slightly so as it would make a good contact and hey presto.. the car is running again. Do you think that this could have been causing the prob. Is the part on top of the fuel pump that the wires plug into the fuel sender? Do you think I should replace it seeing as the car is running now? I thought that the fuel sender was only for the fuel guage but the guage works fine. cheers guys n gals. Im chuffed that its fixed for now :D
  2. Ok... Im definatley not hearing any fuel pump action when I turn the key. Im having trouble locating the pump though. I have found the fuel filter which is beside the bottom of the fuel tank. Will the pump be before or after the filter in the line? I would think after the filter... it makes sense but Im not to sure. Ive tried following the line from the fuel filter to the engine but the pipe dissappears under the bonnet somewhere. Can anyone help me locate the pump? thanks again 4 any help!
  3. Thank you so much for spending the time to write your comment. I think you are right. I cannot hear the sound of the fuel pump when I turn the key to the click just before it starts the car. Im gonna go and look into it now. Thanks again, you have been very helpful :D
  4. Hello all. I have a fiesta, s reg (1998) which has run sweetly for a long time. I dont know the model though. Ive looked the car over for clues but I cant see any. It has 16v on the back if that helps. The problem: A couple of days ago, the engine cut out whilst I was driving. As the car was moving, the car bumped started itself and seemed alright. This happened a couple of times. It then cut out while I was waiting at a junction. The car wouldn't start. It turns over but doesnt come to life. I sat for 10 mins and tried it again and it started up. A few more stalls whilst driving. On my way to work the engine died again but this time didnt bump itself. Same as before. Turning but not starting. Waited 10 mins and it started, ran for 5 seconds and died. wouldnt start again. Waited. Started ok and got me home with no problems (4 miles). Im now at home and my car once again, won't start. I tried a tip I found online which is to disconnect the battery for 5 mins, reconnect, and try again. Same problem, no joy. I checked the fuel cut-off switch. It was ok. Anyone have any ideas? Also.. can anyone tell me how I can identify what model of fiesta I have from any info that may be on the car? Thanks if anyone can help. Im so skint and a garage bill is something Im tryin to avoid.