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  1. Annual Service

    Hi, I would like to share my experience with my Ford dealer concerning the annual service and would like to obtain your opinion. I purchased a Fiesta Econetic from my dealer on 28/12/2010. Technically, my 1st annual service is a year after (I did not reach 12,500 miles after 1 year). However, I was on holiday on 28/12/2011 and was only able to bring my car to the dealer for servicing on 20/01/2012. I asked for them to perform a 1st year service but when I got my car back, I saw that they did a 2nd year service (based on the invoice and the checklist). Also, in the service booklet, they placed the stamp on the 2nd box leaving the 1st box blank. When I called to ask the dealer about it, I was informed that since I did not bring my car for service in 2011, they treated it as a 2nd year service. But I was just 24 days late!!! I asked them, "What if I decided to sell my car in the future and the buyer, after seeing the service booklet, asks me why I did not have my 1st year service?", the dealer just said that I can go to their office and they can put a stamp on the 1st box of the service booklet. Also, the next service as indicated in the invoice will be on 20/01/2013. Here in Luxembourg, we are only provided with a 2-year warranty. Does this mean that if there are major parts to be replaced on 20/01/2013, the warranty will not cover it? Can I still bring my car for the ACTUAL 2nd service on 28/12/2012?
  2. Ford Fiesta Annual Maintenance Service

    I am in Luxembourg and the servicing schedule is the same with UK (1 year or 20,000 kms [12,500 miles]).
  3. Ford Fiesta Annual Maintenance Service

    Sorry, I meant "break fluid change" instead of "oil change" which is normally done on the second year. Based on the checklist from Ford Etis, the battery check should also be done on the second year. These two costs €48 (€35+€13) which I should have only paid on my next service.
  4. Ford Fiesta Annual Maintenance Service

    Sometimes the noise is there and sometimes it is not. Sometimes it's on start up and stays until I park at the office (5km drive). I'll check it thoroughly during the weekend. Sorry for the typo in my original post. I meant "break fluid change" instead of "oil change". I believe the break fluid should be changed on the 2nd year at the earliest.
  5. Hi, I took my Fiesta ECOnetic to the garage for it's first (1st year, 12,500 miles) annual maintenace. When they gave me the invoice (with the service checklist), I did not bother to check it and just paid the price. When I checked the invoice at home, it shows that the service/checks done was for the 2nd year, 25,000 miles maintenance. I called the garage to inquire and they said that they will get back to me so I am still waiting for an explanation. I downloaded the 1st and 2nd year service checklists from the Ford Etis website and there were some things that should not have been done to my car (e.g. break fluid change, battery test, etc.). Is there a possible explanation for conducting the 2nd year check on my 1st year or is this just a mistake by my garage? Also, I noticed a wheezing sound in the engine after the service. Has anyone experienced this? It is already winter here (temps between -6 to +5) so I was thinking that this is due to cold weather since the wheezing sound was not there during the warmer months. Does it have a relation to the temps or should I have it checked?