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  1. Car Cutting Out

    Hi all, Over the last two weeks i have noticed that my Y Reg 1.2 Fiesta Zetec S has cut out about 3 times. I start the car and drive off then when i get to a jct about 3 min from my house and stop for the lights i slow down put the clutch in and stop but the engine seems to just cut out slowley. Its not stalling as it comes to a smooth stop and sometimes i dont notice its cut out but it starts up again and drives fine for days with no issues. Anyone suggest what it could be as its very strange. Chris
  2. Fixing Rust Issues On My Fiesta

    How easy is it to remove the rear inside trim on the fiesta so i can see if the rust is just as bad on the inside. Which bits do i remove first. Rear seats then door cards. Chris
  3. Filter Box Location Question?

    I know its strange. Its not so much on top but infront and above. The filter sure does need a change as well by the looks of it. Going off subject but is the fuel filter at the rear of the car and is it inline Chris
  4. Filter Box Location Question?

    Now i need to find the fuel filter LOL Chris
  5. Filter Box Location Question?

    Hi, I have removed the plastic cover and guest what i have located the airfilter under the zetec s cover. Chris
  6. Filter Box Location Question?

    Has anyone got a haynes manual that they could check for me. year of the car is 2001 Y Reg
  7. Filter Box Location Question?

    Whats under the plastic cover where it says Zetec S? Another Image from the same type listed on ebay Arrow on the left is where the inlet comes in next to the plate then it go's down into the engine where the right arrow is. Untitled2 by chrisb1357, on Flickr
  8. Filter Box Location Question?

    Where the arrows are in the image it does go from behind the plate in the grill. From the Grill and then that pipe to the engine. If you look on this listing on AutoTrader at the engine bay image it looks the same as mine. No box on the right just the pipe that go's from behind the plate around the plastic pipe and to the engine bay. Here is a pic of the same model and year from Auto trader Untitled by chrisb1357, on Flickr Chris
  9. Filter Box Location Question?

    I know its strange. I found a few same models of the car on autotrader last night that had engine bay pics and theres was the same also for a Y Reg. Any ideas anyone ???
  10. Filter Box Location Question?

    Am not sure either LOL. The pipe does not have any disconnections and go's stright from the inlet behind the grill to the engine. Have looked on auto trader to see other cars of the same model and it also looks the same but am not 100% sure Chris
  11. Filter Box Location Question?

    Just had a look and noticed that there is a plastic pipe showen in the image below with the arrows that go's from the front of the car behind the grill to the engine with no filter box on the right hand side. Is this correct for this type of engine. IMG_1990 by chrisb1357, on Flickr IMG_1992 by chrisb1357, on Flickr
  12. Filter Box Location Question?

    HI all, I have a 2001 1.2l Freestyle and have been looking for the filter box in the engine bay and i know it sounds stupid but i cannot find it on the right hand side of the engine bay. The manual pictures it here. Chris
  13. Fixing Rust Issues On My Fiesta

    Do you think the above would be MOT Fails???? Chris
  14. Service Advice

    Can anyone tell me why Eurocarparts suggest around 3 sizes of filters. Am not sure which size mine will take? Chris
  15. Fixing Rust Issues On My Fiesta

    Hi I know its a shame as the car runs fine, Have been in touch with a welder and he is going to take a look in april when the weather is better. He said some of the bubbles i could do myself. Shame as its MOT is due in July so i think this will fail it dont you? Chris