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  1. Focus 1.8Tdci Smokey

    Morning all can I pick your brains My car has developed a fault, when I drive and the turbo starts I get a whooshing sound from the engine also lots of black smoke out the exhaust now when I drive slowly it's fine there's no smoke also I've had the engine malfunction light with the triangle come on three times now the car does not go in to limp home mode or lose any power I've looked under the bonnet and can not find any lose hoses or anything really,the car ticks over fine , I put the car in to self diagnostic mode and no codes came up any ideas thank you Colin....
  2. Focus 1.8Tdci Smokey

    Thank you mate it was the pipe on the inter cooler seems to be another common fault on these cars.
  3. Focus Mk2.5 Drl Lights Ebay.

    Hi I've seen the drl lights preee has on his mk2.5 focus ,there great but i can't afford 100 quid plus my Mrs would stab me Lol, so has anyone got any off ebay ? Are they any good ,I know I need ones that are E marked , They look ok and I've seen a few pairs that are slim so I could fit them just above the fog lights.
  4. Newbie With Trouble, 05 Tdci 1.8 Overheating?

    I would say its the thermostat housing as mine was doing the same ,after being fixed she's running like a dream again.
  5. Fuel Filter 1.8 Tdci

    Hello all does anyone know what the part number is on a fuel filter or what it looks like ? for a 1.8 tdci focus mines a 58 plate also how hard is it to change as mine needs doing thanks Colin.
  6. Ford Focus 1.8Td 2008 Model Running Sluggish

    Try a can of bg244 pro diesel cleaner with a Fresh tank of shell or bp posh diesel made a huge difference to mine hope this helps.
  7. Xenon Bulbs

    Thanks for the info lads I've just ordered some mtec cosmos bulbs they look good ;-)
  8. 1.8 Tdci Loosing Power!

    If I'm right there should be no play , I had a problem with mine not long ago it turned out to be a split pipe causing a loss of power , I had a quick look on eBay and found a few company's who did a recon replacement turbo for 400 quid.
  9. Xenon Bulbs

    As we're on bulbs what are the best for a white light I've just put some night breakers plus in mine and there still yellow :-( as I've fitted my drl and led side lights they do look out of place
  10. Hard To Start From Cold

    Hello all well I've been enjoying my focus for a while now with no trouble but in the last couple of days it's had me scratching my head, I have a make 2.5 1.8 tdci and on cold it's hard to start , I cheeked the levels and the antifreeze was low so I've topped it up ,again on cold cranking like mad then after a while she starts, could it be the glow plugs ? And are they easy to change I'm pretty good with car stuff any advice would be hugely appreciated .
  11. Hard To Start From Cold

    Right all in at a local garage new starter and thermostat housing kit fitted with 12 months warranty £210 quid , what are ford thinking trying to charge near 800 quid the dirty buggers. I feel sorry for people who don't know much about cars there getting ripped off.
  12. Hard To Start From Cold

    I know I've told them to leave it robbing gits. How hard is it to change the housing and the starter ?
  13. Hard To Start From Cold

    Right service done at ford they have told me the glow plugs are fine but the starter motor is on its way out 400 quid to fix ???? And the thermostat housing needs replacing ? Another 300 quid now I know I've lost a bit of coolant but that sounds a lot .
  14. Hard To Start From Cold

    Right service done at ford they have told me the glow plugs are fine but the starter motor is on its way out 400 quid to fix ???? And the thermostat housing needs replacing ? Another 300 quid now I know I've lost a bit of coolant but that sounds a lot .
  15. Don my cap Lenny the car looks great, fair play to ya it's great seeing all theses mods I'm looking forward to seeing the new alloys and springs.
  16. Hard To Start From Cold

    Good advice with the tray chaps I've ordered 4 new glow plugs picking them up on Friday , I'm kinda looking forward to getting my hands dirty lol I do love to have a tinker.
  17. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Does look the part good job fella, I've been thinking about getting one of theses for a while now would look nice with my black painted surround.
  18. Hard To Start From Cold

    130 sheets ahhhhh lol thanks pirategirl thank you all for the pointers I hope it's just the plugs it's something to do with that,, right where's the piggy bank......
  19. Hard To Start From Cold

    Yeah I've waited till the light goes out then done it again, when she starts there's no smoke out the back and when the car is warm she's as smooth as silk , it's going in for a full service next Tuesday at ford as its over due I might ask then to pop some new ones in , I've filled up with some wonga loan diesel and put some wynnes cleaner in let's see what happens at 4am tomorrow when I'm up for work.
  20. Hard To Start From Cold

    I've checked the battery and its fine loads of charge and it cranks over like a good en.
  21. Focus Zetec 2009 - Lock Sound At 15Mph

    It's the abs don't worry and enjoy your new toy :-)
  22. Focus Oil

    Hi all I'm about to carry a service out on my focus does anyone know what's the best oil and what grade my cars a 2008 1.8tdci thanks Colin.
  23. Focus Oil

    Thanks guys really appreciate that ,pit monster I'm in Leicester mate
  24. Lol thanks len, I know they fit them on the zetec with the sport pack they look so much better then the standard 16"s, I've found some on eBay but no one wants to exchange my wheels plus cash. I think if I was you I'd stick to the grill you got mate looks much better. Just get some st wheels on and you car will look sweet.
  25. I want those alloys :-(