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  1. Modifying fiestas

    Just got a silver t reg fiesta. And was wondering what to do with her. Problem is im not very clued in with fords mor into v-dubs and id like some suggestions on what parts to buy etc without it looking like a complete chav bus
  2. Streaaky Windscreen

    Probaly just some !Removed! on the windscreen i know it's a problem with heated rear window's same might apply give it a clean and see what its like
  3. Buy INOVIT wheels for your Ford

  4. I have a leak

    The bell housing is part of the gearbox, unlikley to have a coolant leack there really
  5. Sounds like there charging full ford retail prices. But im preety sure that a wheel bearing isnt £90 from ford. Pads and discs sounds abit over the top aswell. We get them at work for about £10-£40 discs from around£30 upwards. Also the cv joint is the part at the end of drive shaft, not really a service item, was the cv boot changed also? This spot aint a ford maindelear is it? If it is they will of changed the components to manufactuers spec not if it actually needs it. Spark plugs for example most manufacters spec 30,000 to 60,000 miles. So if the cars reached the milage there changed regardless of condition
  6. whisling sound

    Could be the start of a wheel bearing packing in