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  1. Morning all, I started my 2.0 1.5 focus this morning engine management light came on whilst driving, i hadnt travelled far but noticed the temp gauge was down at the bottom but was blowing warm air, let it warm up and it moved very slightly not to its normal temp position. Basically i suspect the thermostat has stopped working but would the EML come on for that?? Thanks mick
  2. Hid Conversion

    Well, After much digging around i think i am going to do it the legal way but its gonna take a while because it isnt cheap lol. I have sorced a headlight levelling kit from a st170 which i think should fit onto mine is there any pics or write ups on how it is done. Thanks .... Mick
  3. Hid Conversion

    Artscot, Thanks for that i shall search around see what i can find will the bumper off a st170 fit my car it is the facelift model and had the auto climate control same as the st. they have the washers in them so its a starting point. Could be easier to put em on the bay and just get some angel eyes lol.
  4. Hid Conversion

    Well it looks like i need to try and purchase some xenon headlights anyone now how hard it is to fit washers i have to 2.0 so its not to different from a st170 i presume i have the self levelling i have the button that moves the lights up and down gonna be an interesting project now this lol
  5. Hid Conversion

    I have been looking around for some headlights that will give them a legal twist as mine is the facelift model will the mk2 headlights fit also will the st170 lights fit. Thanks ...Mick
  6. Hid Conversion

    Hi All, Thanks for your replies, so basically its not legal to have them on the car dont want tot be messing about changing and worrying im gonna get pulled for it. It does say hi/lo so i pressume it does have the high low facillity but after reading about it seems the lens isnt correct for this kind of light. The kits is a 600k so that bit is ok, i will speak to the local mot place tomorrow see what they say Mrs isnt gonna be best pleased lol.
  7. Hid Conversion

    Good Morning all, I need a bit of advice. The wife has bought me a HID conversion kit for christmas the kit is a VIPHID HI/LOW 6000K will these go straight into my existing headlights and are they any good? dont want to start drilling and cutting anything without some advice. Thanks for looking and seasons greetings to all. My car is the 2.0 16v soos facelift model. Thanks .... Mick