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  1. s.jsutton

    Dpf Problem?

    I could be wrong but I don't think ford were fitting Dpf's that early. More likely to be your EGR valve gummed up and jammed open.
  2. s.jsutton

    Suspension Knocking / Rattle?

    Thanks all. Was the arb link. Had to put car into mates garage to have split hose sorted and he CBS led out the knocking and replaced the link bar. All sorted
  3. s.jsutton

    Suspension Knocking / Rattle?

    hoping its not the subframe bushes going, but don't really know what that will sound like. Rear end does'nt feel as solid as it did when going over speed humps
  4. HI all. Car has developed a rattle / knock from the rear left when going over uneven ground or speed humps. I have checked the shocker and it seems sound as there is no bounce, the anti roll link bar appears to be intact and it is definitely not the exhaust knocking. Any ideas guys and girls? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sounds like injectors to me. The tappety sound is the injectors knocking. Take it back and tell them to fix it, or if they gave a warranty get it to a garage and get a quote and see if they will pay. Injectors is expensive. Not worth buying the cheap recons on eBay, the nozzles ware quick and you will have the same problem again in no time.
  6. s.jsutton

    Best Back To Black Trim Product

    Feel sorry for all those people with nut allergies who happen to touch your car. lol
  7. s.jsutton

    Best Back To Black Trim Product

    Wickes plumbers silicone lubricant, not permanent by any meens but brings up black trims / tyres a treat when applied with a cloth.
  8. s.jsutton

    Wheels Refurbed And Looking Good

    Mmm, did think about going for red on black overlays for the wheels but the shade of red they had was a littile to light and would I think have looked a bit girly, thats why I opted for just the change to black - different but not overstated, have just ordered the same for the badges front and rear. - DMB graphics, they are very reasonable. What colour do you suggest for the calipers then Lenny?
  9. Hi all. Just had my wheels sandblasted and powdercoated and added some chrome on black gel overlays to the center caps, well happy with the results. Thought I'd post a photo of her all washed and waxed and looking good.
  10. Wheels refurbed, car wahsed and waxed and looking good
  11. s.jsutton

    Locking Wheels Nuts - Which Size?

    Hi Lenny. I new it would be you who came back with the correct info - A wealth of information. Thanks for the offer but have just ordered a new set of Mcgaurd's. Thanks again
  12. Hi all. Had my alloys completely re-furbed [sandblasted and powdercoated] and they look great. Now need to buy a new set of locking wheel nuts to secure them as the key to the previous set broke when removing the wheels. The wheels are the original ford 5 spoke Zetec S alloys. Want to be sure of the correct thread size etc before I go ordering the wrong ones off ebay. Also does anyone know the best make to go for? I phoned a local ford stealer who could not give me any tech info, and just told me he had one set that would fit on the shelf and that they were £58 !!!! Any help would be much appreciated. Regards
  13. s.jsutton

    Starter Grind

    Hi there Stewart. Please keep us updated on on your progress with this issue. I have exactly the same problem on my 52 plate. Bought the car approx 1 year ago with a new starter/dmf and clutch. It has the same issue as you have described but less frequent, it may go 6 or 8 weeks with no grind, and will then do it twice in a week. Regards Simon
  14. s.jsutton

    Ford Badge Overlays

    Cheers Millsy, just sent them an email. Now wait and see what they can offer.
  15. Hi all. Does anyone know where I can get some ford overlay stickers for my wheel centre caps? I have a mk3 mondeo zetec s with the 18inch 5 spoke alloys. Getting the alloys re-furbed and the centre caps are a bit scruffy. The guy who is doing the rims said if I can get some ford stickers for the centre caps he will spray them up for me. Have looked on eBay but they are all to small other than some domed gel badges that were a bit on the expensive side at £79. Any ideas / advice would be much appreciated. Regards Simon