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  1. Filler Flap

    thanks lenny but its coming up not compatible with 2010 focus petrol,
  2. Filler Flap

    can u get a locking cap for them
  3. Squeal On Startup

    talc powder will be causing belts to slip .exactly opposite to what u want to be happening
  4. Squeal On Startup

    i had the same problem lasted only 5 min from cold.Normally in cold or wet weather.I sprayed a little bit of wd40 on the belts when car running and noise stoped.Took it to fords and they changed belts for £45 customer goodwill.I put up a fight because the car was only 18 months old and had 18000 miles and should have lasted 125000 miles.This was about 6 months ago and had no problems since.Personally i think it was the air con belt making the noise[they r a stretchy belt]...............dont leave the belts for long once u apply wd40 as the belts will slip and could cause p.a.s pump;water pump etc not to work properly ......mines a 1.8 petrol.let us know how u get on
  5. Knocking Noise At Slow Speeds

    also check the anti roll bar links
  6. Warning Light

    does the 1.8 2010 titanium have a low level screenwash warning light
  7. i like the look of the 18mm sensors,should fit ok with no angle adjustment on them,18mm or 22mm?
  8. good guide preee, a bit of advice needed.I was looking at reverse sensors,with buzzer only and have moondust silver,ive looked at the links and they come in standard silver for buzzer only.im trying to find a good colour match,any help would be appreciated.
  9. Best Oil For Service?

    fords at lakeside is half price £18 or u can order it online .formular ford oil is made by bp.castrol is owned by bp,ford tech told me it was the same oil
  10. use ford oil 50% off at dealers,ebay etc.Fords at lakeside selling formula f £18 5 litres (formula f made by bp, castrol owned by bp) i think its the same oil .If any members know different let us know
  11. Wheels Stuck!!!!!

    Try this,loosen wheel nuts a few turns then drive the car forwards and backwards slowly brake hard,jack it up and have another go.Let us no how u get on
  12. Pollen Filter Problems

    thanks for advice and pictures,what a place to put it,after all that effort and a bad back it wasn't that dirty.I would bet fords never changed that on first 2 services,hence loads on eBay [genuine ford] .Thanks again for help
  13. Pollen Filter Problems

    cheers mate
  14. Pollen Filter Problems

    having trouble removing pollen filter,so far removed glovebox and fuse box.Do i need to remove fuse box bracket and i have air pipe from the glove box to the heater which is held in place with one screw to the rectangle box,which has about 6 screws.is this the pollen filter as i have read that its only 3 screws that hold it in place thanks 4 your help.Its a1.8 petrol titanium 2010