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  1. Smax 2.0 Tdci Boot Area Water Ingress

    Since my first post I have now found where the water was coming in from. The passenger rear fixing point area for a roof rack was at fault. The area around the hole where you would fix down a roof rack foot had a small hole in it and the water was getting inside the car and travelling between the interior and skin of the car and appearing out of the trim at the top of the rear quarter liight window and then dripping onto the luggage cover. Just used sealant to seal the area and jobs a good un !
  2. 07 Smax 2.0 Tdci Starting Woes

    This problem has not resulted in calling out a breakdown sevice as yet but its nearly been the case. I would rather it just fail so the problem could be sorted once and for all. At the moment it just makes you late for work on occasion !
  3. Smax 2.0 Tdci Boot Area Water Ingress

    Yes that appears to be fine, I think that pipe runs down the drivers side of the car and I get water coming in from both sides occasionally which is weird.
  4. Wish My Car Would Start 1st Time !

  5. Wish My Car Would Start 1st Time !

  6. I have had a intermittent problem with water leaking into the car from the top of the rear pillars and dripping onto the cover which covers the boot. Whats weird is sometimes when its rained it shows no signs of a leak. I have opened the boot and applied sealant to the rubber seals which may have been letting water in where the wiring goes inside the bodywork but it still does it both sides. I have read an earlier post which blamed the roof bar plastic covers but they are over the drainage channel and would make no difference as the water still passes underneath anyway whether they are on or not. Has anyone found a cure to this problem ? Any help would be much appreciated !
  7. I've had my Smax for two years and the most annoying problem with it is inconsistant starting. My wife uses the car more than me and just recently its got more unreliable. It normally starts first time but seems to go through phases of needing three or more attempts to start. It doesn't matter if the weather is hot or cold. I have read earlier posts from Colin C, Gewitty, Getts 33, and Andi Edwards and was wondering if on reading this or anyone else with a similar problem could let me know if they found a cure for this irritating problem ! I would be most grateful. The glow light I notice only stays on for a milisecond on turning the ignition whereas on my last car (VW Passat) it stayed on much longer. I have put this down to it being a much newer engine unless anyone on here knows the exact time it should stay lit for? Any help on the above problem would be much appreciated !!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums _Wayno :)