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  1. mondeo engine from 1994 into 1995 fiesta

    hi im just wondering if someone has allready done this im wanting to fit a 1.8 16v zetec engine from my old mondeo estate but need to know what i need to do this conversion as i have all the suspension, subframe etc etc from the mondeo as i just dropped it straight out of the bottom of the car so the engine with everything is still attached to the subframe. so bisically i need to know what engine mounts i need etc to fit my zetec engine into my fiesta mk2 1995 if anyone requires any info from me about the car or require any pics to help me out just pm me thanks

    hi i have some mondeo 1994 estate MK 1 parts available these include, 4 x Doors £20.00 each 1 x door at £10.00 as the window winding cable has snapped so will need the cable changing but door in good condition, Grey dash board £25.00, heater Matrix £25.00 but will require a bit glueing to the rear nothing major, origonal ford Radio+ casette with code £15.00 Door Seals £5.00 Each Rear Wheel Bearings for non ABS Type with rear drums, was new 6 months ago hardly used as the cars been stood they retail at £80.00 from ford there is 2 available @ £25.00 Each Front wheel bearing non abs type £15.00, Front and Read seats will requre cleaning £50/00 for lot if you require any pictures of the items please email me at mmafighterlinc@live.co.uk or PM me on here and all items are for collection only, postage is at extra cost and is for sale within the UK only thanks
  3. 06 duratec 1.8 125hp

    hi is there any signs of oil or water usage, you can also check the oil cap for a white residue which can indicate a head gasket failure, i had a 2.0l mondeo which had this problem and once i changed the head gasket it was fine, now i would say on the mondeo mk3 they , dont had a mass flow air flow meter unlike the mk 2's have, my v6 had one of these and that was the problem for that not been able to rev when it was stood it was fine but when the car was in motion it would rev slowly but when you gunned it it would backfire and die, it would re start ok. you can get a engine specialist to check your water with a special die that checks for head gasket problems some garages may also do this but very few where i live do this. the best things to do is check your spark plugs are working ok and leads etc as this can also cause a similar effect. hope this helps, without seeing the car i cant really help
  4. hi to anyone who reads this im after a mondeo 1.8 Duratec HE 16v Engine to fit my mondeo 2001 y reg i have tried everywhere round to where i live for an engine i would repair mine but have a hole in the side of the engine so if anyone just has the cylinder block without head or complete engine available i would be really really greatful if you could let me know i need my car really soon as i have got my mums wedding coming up and the car was supposed to be getting used for the wedding please please help!!
  5. i bought this car a couple of days ago, from a car garage saying thats the car was in good condition but the engine was hard to start but did start but was rough, upon getting it home via recovery we started to do some checks to find the problem first of all we did a compression test and found this cylinders 1, 3, 4 had 200 psi of compression but cylinder 2 had zero compression by this we was puzzled, we then proceded to remove the rocker cover to see if it had dropped a valve on No. 2 cylinder we found nothing still puzzled by this, we thought for a while and then my mate turned the engine over and as i looked down cylinder 2 sparkplug hole i noticed the piston wasn't moving but all the others were!!!!. i then put all the top of the engine back toghter then moved onto removing the sump upon doing this i was shocked to what i found, the previous owner has revved the engine so hard the conrod on cylinder 2 has snapped and smashed a hole the size of 4 inches in length by an inch wide in the rear of the engine block and has also smashed the bracketing that holds the crankshaft and pistons in place, its lucky it only needs a new lower block as the top is ok, so be warned dont over rev your engine or this might happen to you.
  6. How Long Have You Owned A Ford?

    we have had a ford since 1996
  7. Fiesta 1.4 TDCI tuning chip kit, ebay etc

    the chips alter the fuel ratio and mixture in the ecu it does the same in both petrol and diesel engines, this in turn increases the fuel amount into your engine which increases your bhp making your car quicker and more responsive, i hope that helps. basicall its a change in the fuel delivery
  8. how to remove Mondeo starter motor ?

    depends, is this petrol or diesel if its petrol its at the rear and is held by 2 nuts on the wiring which can be tricky to get to but is best got at from the underneeth and 3 bolts to the engine it should drop down from there getting to the bolts can be tricky, now if its the diesel the starter is at the front you need to support the engine from the underneeth and remove the front engine mount which can be a bit tricky then again its held by 2 nuts on the wiring and 3 bolts to engine. i only know this as i have done a few my self.
  9. mondeo mk3 engine problem

    hi and thanks we have found the problem, we did a compression test today cylinders 1 - 3 - 4 are reading between 180 - 200 psi and No. 2 is reading zero the previous owner has ragged the engine and its dropped a valve so were having it repaired tomorrow, all been well it should be fixed fairly soon, I HOPE
  10. v6 mondeo what she worth

    hi i have owned a v6 mondeo and with a full mot and 4 months tax i got 400.00 it also depends on the cars condition to the price you get, i have just bought a mondeo 1.8 2001 mk3 for 600.00.
  11. mk 2 focus drive belt tension

    hi if its anything like the td models from underneathof the car there should be an adjuster on a 10mm on mine it was located just to the right of the crankshaft pulley and it is a bit awkward to get to, and it does depend what engine you have in it for its year.
  12. mondeo mk3 engine problem

    hi i have reciently bought this car, it has the duratec HE 1.8 SFI (125ps) engine in it, the problem is the car is very hard to start and when it does start its running on three cylinders could this be the head gasket thats gone and if it is how big a job is it to be fixed if not ford has mentioned it could be the coil pack. there is no ECU light on thats saying its an electrical problem. please help as im baffled of what to do as one persons saying its one thing and another person is saying its some thing else many thanks
  13. new member

    hi to everyone on the forum my name is lincoln im driving a mondeo mk3 (2001) 1.8 in blue i have just bought this car had many mondeos before this like the mk2 v6 and td models but this is the first mk3 i have bought. And looking for many years of good servicce from it.