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  1. Hi guys Got a 'black' ford focus 2002 Zetec and i needed to spray front and rear panel. Rang Ford and asked them my colour and they said panther black, so....... I went to Halfords and got a couple of tins; however no one told me there are LOADS of panther blacks :-( Found out my panther black is F8 (after spraying the car), so i went back to Halfords and they gave me my money back for the used tins lol and made me some F8 (very nice of them). My question I need to take off all the old paint before spraying with new F8 panther black? I used some wet and dry sand paper ready for the new paint, is that all i need to do? Any tips on spraying? ohhhhh i almost forgot, i slightly went over onto the door panel (with the old paint) will i be able to blend in the new paint or do i need to remove it? you think it will be worth it to just do the whole right hand side. So i've got the bit around the petrol cap to do and the bit next to the side indicator, thinking i might just paint the whole side, what do you guys think. Thanks guys
  2. Hi Guys Got a Ford Focus Mk1 2002 Zetec and thinking of getting DTM door mirrors (4 wire) and have a few questions (hoping u can help) 1. can i get ones with indicators and use the wire from the side lights for them? 2. Do i also need to purchase the base plate or will they fit directly onto mine? I'm also looking at silicone kit and clips (not sure of size) to make inside my car look better, looked at a couple of kits but can someone point me to a website (or shop) that can supply ones for my car (where I can put in my reg or make) Thanks
  3. Thanks guys. i worke out the tyre size i need 205/45 R17, however not sure about the actual alloy want 17, but would it be 7 x 17 or 7.5 x 17 still slightly confused lol
  4. Hi guys Getting bigger alloys on my ford focus 2002 zetec and was informed that I should get mk3 mondeo brake calipers and transit connect brake disc that are 300mm rathe than mine that are 260mm. does this seem right???? need bigger brake disc, due to bigger allows (better look). Thanks Guys :-)
  5. Hi guys Getting alloys and the following was on my 15" (want 17") ET52.5 (i know this is my offset), 98AB-DA (not a clue what this is) and....6 jx15H2 (what is this?????). Looking at new alloys and they are listed 17 x 7.5, 16 x 7 etc...... is the 17 and 16 the size of the alloy?? what is the 7.5 and 7??? Very confused
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    want to get some new alloys, can anyone point me in the right direction? Want a website or shop where i tell them my details and they say you can have........... Wheelworxs was good but dont like there alloys.
  7. Is it natural to hear a sound from the fuel hose??? Sounds like... fuel rushing down the hose (i know it sounds stupid); but it's quite loud. here is the story........was reversing (almost full lock) and it felt like the front left hand side wheel was hitting the curb; so i stopped. Got out the car, looked at the curb and i was not even close to the curb (wierd). Steering went a bit stiff, but seems to be ok now (i hope...MOT tomorrow). Anyhow....went to look at the engine, not that i know what i'm looking at, and started to hear a rushing sound. It seemed to be coming from the fuel pipes. What do u guys think????? leak?? or is it a natural sound? do you think it's linked to my steering problems. Slighly worried as i looked on internet and heard stories about fual leaking and fires AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I can't see a leak nor can i smell one.
  8. Want to install a DVD/TV that drops down from ceiling of my ford focus MK1 2002. Where do i start?? Think it would be best to get someone to do it, but not sure who to ask. Where do i begin??? Cheers
  9. Hi guys seem to be having a slight problem with the power steering (slightly stiff). Does not 'sping' back that good. Could this be a problem with the pump?? the pump look really rusty. Is there a way i can test the pump? another quick question...... could i paint the heat shield with caliper paint?? Thanks
  10. Thanks guys. Looked on my alloys and it says the off set (ET) is 55.5
  11. Hi guys Can I paint the heat shield with caliper paint?? Also have problems with my Focus 2002 zetec starting 1st time, tends to almost start then dies, always starts the 2nd time though....wierd. Thanks :-)
  12. Want to lower my Ford Focus Mk1 2002, can anyone give me advice on what brands etc.....
  13. Thanks for that. I want to lower the focus only slightly. Getting new allows 15" to 17" and i want to lower the car to almost sit on top of the alloys. Want the car to be lower but not that much so it effects the drive too much. Been told to get coilovers that u can adjust for when you have loads of mates in your car. Thanks for the advice, do u know how much i'll be looking at for a set of 4 coilovers?????