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  1. Petrol In A Diesel, 2007 1.8 Tdci

    I'll second what Salsheikh said, of your car is old you have nothing to lose now 12% doesn't sound like much on the face of it but if your boss told you your wages were getting cut by 12% you would feel the pinch somewhere, you might get lucky, the best thing you can do is keep filling with diesel like you siad as often as poss and hope it just passes through, what year is your car if you don't mind me asking buddy. Please don't come back and say 2011 or around that.
  2. What Is The Top Speed Of The 1.6 116Ps Tdci Mk3 Focus

    I've had 118 out of the mark3 1.6tdci no private roads needed due to living on the isle of man (no speed limits on most roads out of town) don't know if it can go to 120 need to find a longer straight or carry more speed through the final corner.
  3. Mk3 Footwell Lights

    Sorry scratch that it's a white connector about 7mm wide 15mm long, has three wires going into it.
  4. Mk3 Footwell Lights

    Yes mate the plastic frame dose hold an led strip. Take the cover off and see if there is a two prong connector, that is what I have when I take the led out, question is can anybody tell me the reference for the light as its only 8watts and fancy something a little brighter.
  5. Mk3 Led Sidelights

    Could you post a pic of them in light like this?
  6. Mk3 Led Sidelights

    Alrite ravi do you ones have the 13SMDs on? Might explain why my 5SMD lamp didn't look as bright as yours
  7. Mk3 Led Sidelights

    Still working fine?? If so post a link to them could you buddy
  8. Mk3 Led Sidelights

    If they start playing up you can put them in the boot each side there is a bulb and they are the same lamp, don't know what they would look like at night as mine had a one way ticket to the bin.
  9. Mk3 Led Sidelights

    Hello mate, a few of us have put the LEDs on the mk3 me being one, you might have to go back a few months of topics to find it but anyway, we found that the LEDs (had 5 LEDs pointing in different directions) within an few weeks/ a month say 4 would have gone out and the rest would flash leaving you looking like a police car (theres an up side haha) somebody said it was to do with the heat from the main bulbs. But keep me updated as they do look the bees knees when they first went in.
  10. Mk3 Focus Titanium - Zetec S Body Kit

    Lenny mate your a don of ffoc
  11. Mk3 Focus Titanium - Zetec S Body Kit

    Good point Lenny 1600 seams step but fitted and coded not to bad, having said that you can count me out.
  12. Arrrr rite nice on guys major save on lennys part for me I owe you a beer fella.
  13. You sure they look the same as mine on the 3
  14. Just looking through eBay this morning after reading through this and found these which are simalar to the standard drls but they don't look like xenons, thoughts lads. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-OUT-FORD-FOCUS-MK3-08-11-BLACK-R8-DRL-LED-PROJECTOR-HEAD-LIGHTS-LAMPS-/320895708411?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4ab6dfecfb#ht_755wt_689
  15. My Discreet New Footwell Lights....

    Sorry mate that's got to be the chaviest thing I've seen, I liked your led under the bumper but this, hang your head in shame.