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  1. mcbutler

    Radio/cd 6006E not working

    Try disconnecting it again and reentering the code. Probably thrown a wobbly during the process.
  2. mcbutler

    Focus sport no crank, no start

    Check your earth strap connections from the engine to the body and any others you can find. They are so often overlooked on engine related electrical problems
  3. Hi All, my automatic drive belt tensioner failed last night, belt wrecked and need to replace it as soon as shops open tomorrow. I have been looking at the haynes manual regarding moving Power steering reservoir etc. Even with these items moved I cannot see the bolts/nuts I need to remove to get the tensioner out. It looks like I need to remove the air conditioning compressor from the engine as the bolts securing it also seem to secure the tensioner, is this correct?? Does anyone have a clear picture of one of these tensioners I can look at? Thanks guys Mark.
  4. Well the latest snag on this daggy dustbin is a misfire at 3000 rpm. Only happens when driving, not when standing still. Full service history (worthless) and not run on supermarket diesel. Any ideas chaps??
  5. mcbutler

    57 Fiesta Zetec Tdci Issue

    If your in the AA give them a call. Some of the guys are brilliant and have seen so many snags so many times they can often fix/eliminate certain things or at least point you in the right direction.
  6. mcbutler

    04 1.8 Tdci Turbo Problem

    get a haynes manual, bit fiddly but not difficult technically.
  7. mcbutler

    Whats This Black Box?

    I have the same car, mine is mounted in the same place as yours. Cannot imagine that its mounting location would affect it, its basically an empty box.
  8. Back again! I have a turbo overboost problem diagnosed today by fault code. I have read that two types of turbo are used on the focus, one with a wastegate and one with variable vane geometry controlled by the ECU. Can anyone tell me how to tell which one I have on my Mk1 car?
  9. Hi All, Posted this before but it's slipped down the rankings and I still need help with it. Basically I can drive the car round all day wherever I like so long as I am not going over 60mph (2000rpm) for any period of time. Reason being is this; If I drive at say 70 for 2 miles then take my foot off the throttle and let the car slow down, as soon as the rev counter hits 2000 rpm the glow plug lamp comes on and the engine dies. I can just quickly flick the ignition off and on and all is well again. If I do exactly the same thing but instead of leaving the car in gear as it slows down I just press the clutch and let the engine drop to idle as the car freewheels then the engine is fine and no glow plug lamp! I have changed the Cam position sensor and the car has 148000 miles, full service history (good filters) and not run on supermarket diesel. Ok, thinking caps on chaps :-)
  10. mcbutler

    Utilities You Dont Mind Sharing?

    Same here, got the red manual for the ford focus Mk1. Let me know if you need anything from it..
  11. mcbutler

    Mk1 Focus Tddi Haynes Manual

    I would think nowhere, that would be a breach of copyright.
  12. mcbutler

    Overheating Problem

    Any news Anthea?
  13. mcbutler

    Cam Belt Replacement

    Halfords can
  14. mcbutler

    Overheating Problem

    I would give AA or RAC a call to, are you a member of either? I have flicked through haynes, no mention of anything like it in there either. Keep us posted Anthea, be interesting to hear the result, also we all want to know if they are cowboys so we can avoid them. I am pretty sure they cannot withhold a car worth thousands against a repair that is worth a few hundred. Might be an idea for this site, a black list of dodgy garages..
  15. mcbutler

    Overheating Problem

    Another relevant point. I would not expect an overheating engine to be the cause of a failed head gasket unless you had reached critical temp and seizure of the engine had occured. These gaskets operate continually at temperatures far exceeding those of an overheated engine. The inside edges of the gasket are in direct contact with the burning pressurised fuel at temperatures around 1200 deg C plus