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  1. One of my remote keys has stopped working. It is a flat bladed, non-flip type key. I have replaced the battery but it worked once and not again. I have checked the cost of replacing one of these keys and it is £120 from a local company - not Ford. However, I have also seen key fobs on sale on eBay that are much cheaper and could fit one of those to the existing blade. But is there a way to code the key? I know that you could previously use existing master keys to code replacements but this is not explained in the manual anymore, so supect this may not be possible. Any help or ideas?
  2. My wife has recently taken ownership of a 2018 Ka+. Yesterday she noticed that when she is reversing, there is what could be an error symbol showing in the reversing assist display. The symbol is a small box with a cross in it and appears at the bottom right of the display. Can anyone tell me what this is? I have attached a photo of the display.