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  1. intermittent problem starting/stalling

    I think the fuel pump is actually under the car although not entirely sure, might be worth just ringing your local Ford dealer to ask them where it is situated. Good luck, hope you get it sorted.
  2. Can anyone advise me if there is an easy way to replace the thermostat for the in car heater? Mine is constantly blowing out freezing cold air despite being set to the maximum, make me toasty setting, i'm guessing the thermostat is either stuck of knackered. I've had a look in my trusty Haynes manual and it says i have to remove the alternator and take note of the route of the timing belt - eek, I'll tackle most things but really don't want to mess with the timing(have visions of wrongly routing it and ruining the valves). Any advice or help would be great as I'm getting a little fed up with scraping ice off the inside of the car as well as the outside. Thanks
  3. intermittent problem starting/stalling

    Hi I also have an S reg 1998 Fiesta and had a very similar problem. I think you may have a problem with the fuel pump or sender or probably both. Have a listen when you put your key in the ignition as you wait for the immobilizer light to go out, you should hear a low whirring noise coming from the gap between the front and back seats, just behind the hand brake, that's your fuel pump running. My problems started in the summer and my car would start fine on warm days but would just turn over on damp days. After 10 days in the garage and me finally telling my mechanic what was wrong with my car (he's male, I'm female, he did the whole chauvinist, girls don't know anything about cars routine - er wrong), he finally replaced the fuel pump and the car seemed fine - for two weeks, then it cut out while i was sitting at traffic lights in rush hour but i managed to get it started again, i had a couple of weeks of the intermittent cutting out and then it just refused to start one lunch time, it would turn over fine but wouldn't start. Turns out the new fuel pump was faulty and by working every now and then had managed to burn out the wiring loom that went to the fuel pump sender which is situated on the top of the fuel tank. Needless to say, i wasn't a very happy bunny, did my very best hissy fit and had the whole lot plus the wiring replaced free of charge. Be warned, fuel pumps are expensive but they can be tested easily by yourself if you are handy that way or by your mechanic by putting a feed from the fuel pump to your battery(there is also a veiwing plate under the rear seat on the nearside that you can remove to enable the sender to be tested), if the pump runs, it is unlikely to be the actual pump that is causing your problem but the sender or broken wiring between the pump, sender and fuse box. Sorry this has been a bit long winded but i had such a horrendous experience with the whole fuel pump saga that i wouldn't want anyone else to go through it. At that point I'd had my car for six years and it had never let me down, my confidence in my little has been knocked quite a bit by this and i just don't want other people to be taken for a ride over something that really is very simple diagnose. Good luck