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  1. Hi there! I'm not form the UK but I have a Mondeo, and thought a UK based site would be best to ask for advice considering the popularity of the car over there. I'm hoping to find someone that has experienced the same problem as me. My Mondeo is the 2.0 Duratec HE. The problem I have is a gradual loss of power after driving for a while, but while I driving I switch it off and on and then its much better but not yet 100%. SOmetimes it runs perfect, other times it feels sluggish and cant rev past 4500rpm. The longer the drive the worse the problem gets to the point where I'm driving stop/go 50m at a time and the car starts missfiring and can barely reach 2000rpm. THe first time it went to the Ford agent, they plugged it into the diagnostic test computer thing and it said my 1 engine bank is running lean (it's a 4cyl so don't understand why it says "bank") and they found a link in the intake manifold that came loose. After that it was fine for about 500km then the same problem presented itself again. I took it to a different Ford dealer (the one closest to where I live, the first time it broke down was on a trip) and told them what the previous one told me and they put it on the diagnostic machine again and the mechanic told me there is nothing wrong with my intake manifold, he thinks it's starvation and tested the fuel pump. It tested OK but at the time the problem was only presenting on hot days (I live in Upington, South Africa. Summer temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees C) and the mechanic advised me to replace the fuel pump anyway since it is somethign that tends to break alot around here. The ford pump was too expensive so I bought a Bosch universal pump that had the same specifications. Problem was still there from the start afterwards, so following this I replaced fuel filter, ignition coil, fuel pump relay and checked that the breather hole in the petrol cap was not clogged. THe same problem persists. A bit of information on the car: 2002 Mondeo Ghia 240000km on the odo 2.0 Duratec HE ( its the second engine in the car, original was replaced in 2005 with a second hand engine)
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Willem Lubbe :)