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    ford focus 1.6 16v sport (2000) 3dr
  1. Which Focus to get?

    1.6 i rec pal,being a young lad(22) its nippy enough for me and doesnt guzzle too much juice-if going for mark 1 or 2 model its gotta be a 3dr version all day in my opinion they look miles better.
  2. 2001 Focus 1.6 Zetec - Slow Coolant Loss

    i had exactly same problem with my 2000 1.6 focus, i had the bubblin header tank,kept jumpin to red halfway into a journey,(not enough antifreeze) changed thermostat valve and was fine for month but happened again on first real test on motorway-following day i flushed the whole coolent system through. alot better now although it does creep up on motorway speeds but quickly springs back to center. its most prob an air lock,i think the post 2000 models have an air valve screw near engine,something mine is sadly missing,a good flush through the coolent system would be first point of call fella taking it slow refilling the system to eliminate air in system.keep us posted on how ya get on as its still a nigglin problem i want rid off.
  3. hi,i am currently experiencing almost the same thing..after say 40 mins of driving the temp gauge goes straight to red it seems to sort itself out when i wack the blowers on but it makes you paranoid to a point where ya have to keep pullin over to check ya not cooking the engine.i had the thermostst valve changed which leads me to suspect its the waterpump,did you find the gremlin in question as its driving me mad!!
  4. hello,just looking for advice on my 2000 petrol focus,i had a problem with the temperature gauge over winter,upon say 30 minutes into a journey all would be well (needle remained center between hot and cold) but all of a sudden without warning the needle jumps straight to red. thought it could be an airlock as one of the hoses from the water coolent bottle wasnt warming up.anyways took to mechanics he bled the system and changed the thermostat valve as he said this was most prob the cause ,worked fine for two weeks over xmas but i stuck to the roads and a steady pace ,however new years day of all days i took it on the M65 maxing prob 80mph it did the same,jumped straight to red 20mins into my journey.coolent level was an inch above max when i checkd at side of road(was topped up just below max mark and checked regularly) has anybody had this prob as it is doing my nut in,paranoid about cooking the engine. any help would be much appreciated,many thanks in advance guys.
  5. hello

    hello there,upon finding this website i have found it a real help diagnosing some of the gremlins since purchasing my car. i have just now become a member so now perhaps i can share my knowledge with fellow focus drivers. chris.