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  1. K&n?

    What about the engine noise, does it make it much different? I dont want it to be really loud but give it a little roar.
  2. K&n?

    Hey guy's after a little advice. Is it worth fitting a K&N or equivelant to my MK2.5 1.8 petrol 58 plate? I'm wondering if I would notice any extra horsepower and how it would sound. Do you think I would need to do something to the exhaust also? Please speak in simple terms :).
  3. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    Thats a good ammount wrapped then mate! Nice job on completing all of those parts, I am hoping I can pull it off as I normally don't have the patience :P. Be sure to keep us updated with pics :). I plan on wrapping my center console, radio facia, external door pillars, glove box handle, steering wheel, engine bay battery cover and the door arm rests. Once I have done those parts I'll then see what else to tackle. Oh then I plan on gun smoking out my front and rear headlights but that will be with different vinyl.
  4. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    Did you find that size sheet did a decent ammount Mike? Edit: Just to make sure I had enough for all my mods just ordered a length: 600mmx4000mm.
  5. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    I was curious as to Mikes question also regarding the steering wheel Can anyone advise if they have purchased from this website before and if they think the prices seem fair please. http://justcarbon.co.uk/
  6. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    Looking sweet buddy!
  7. A Bit More Vinyl Wrap

    This could be a winner do you think? http://www.amazon.co.uk/1000mm-carbon-Adhesive-Textured-Wrapping/dp/B007TVSRB2/ref=sr_1_32?ie=UTF8&qid=1337020954&sr=8-32
  8. A Bit More Vinyl Wrap

    Looks great mate! Can I ask if anyone knows where I can get some decent wrap from cheap enough that is not on ebay? :).
  9. How Many Have One?

    My 2.5 has it bud top and bottom also.
  10. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    Yeah going to get them done, will post pics once they are sorted.
  11. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    Thanks alot Lenny for finding that out! That really does look nice indeed!! Yeah light could be an issue so not so sure now.
  12. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    Do you tihnk they look better in the photoshopped pic? (the headlights)
  13. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    Thanks bud I'll bear that in mind. I am goig to make sure though that if I do go down this route that I keep within the light requirements before I do make any desicions. I did a quick mess around in photoshop, what do you guys think looks best, before/after. Before: After:
  14. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    Thanks alot for contributing to this thread fellas! Plenty of useful info in here for all now. Just been in touch with my wrapped and he says he will if I want it done smoke my headlights and rear lights for £20 a light so £80 all round. What would you fellas say to this? He took a picture he did today of a T5 and it looked mint, do you think it would look smart of a Vision Blue focus?
  15. Forum Noob!

    Welcome to the forums Dave ;).