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  1. Clutch Problem

    Hi, I own a Ford Focus 2008 1.6 Petrol - it MK 2.5 (one with the facelift). So I recently had an issue with leaking power steering pipes - which I had to get fixed by a local mechanic. Since then I noticed in third gear that the RPM needle would sometimes travel upward abit as if the power wasn't properly going to the wheels or if the clutch was slipping. Then I was driving (admittedly in abit of a rush) and got into 2nd gear and put my foot down abit - at which point it felt like the clutch complete slipped and the engine RPM shot up without the car moving very much (As if my foot was still pushing the clutch pedal down). As soon as this occurred the clutch pedal on the car started to feel spongy and lost the nice smooth travel it has before. It also now very difficult to drive the car because the clutch slips whenever I put down any significant power. Now I have some slight suspicious about the work that was done when I got the power steering sorted but thats another issue. Wondering if anyone had experienced the same thing. I've been told by the same mechanic that the clutch is gone and they are quoting me £375 including labour. Also there seems to be no problem at all with putting the car into the gears - not sure if that helps understand what the issue might be!? Look forward to the responses. Thanks
  2. Servicing

    Brilliant!! Thanks for your help
  3. Servicing

    Hi, I own a Ford Focus 2008 (facelift) model. Basically my car is due for an annual service. Last year I took the car to a dagenham motors where I purchased the car for an interim service, which covered a oil change, air filter and pollen filter I believe. My car is now 38000 miles and a local independent garage I know pretty well said they could do a full service, which would include spark plugs and whatever else for around 140. Does that seem a decent deal or should I just to a dagenham motors again for another interim service. Also is there any service milestones for this car model, where specific things should be changed. Thanks!!
  4. Premium Petrol & Knock Sensor

    Regarding the premium diesels, I recall reading somewhere that they don't make a difference due to the way a diesel engine works, not sure how true it was though. Since putting Shell V Power in a few days back the car has felt great, I then had to put more fuel in the other day and ended up at a local Esso garage where I put in the Esso Energy Supreme which seemed just as good.. then, coincidently I today ended up by a today BP garage and filled up with BP Ultimate, think its fair to say from my experience that all a pretty similar and have resulted in a much nicer drive (be it in my head or otherwise). I've kind of decided that I'm going to stick with these premium petrol now, even if the power gains are just marketing rubbish, the cleaning additives seem a good positive which may be worth the extra cost at the pump.
  5. Hi. I own a Ford Focus mk2.5 1.6l. And the other day I put some shell vpower in and can swear the car felt better for it. Because of this experience I have decided to continue using premium petrol. Now I have choice between either Shell Vpower or BP Ultimate. As both are local to me. My question first is which is better? And another question is I have read a lot that cars with knock sensors benefit more from premium petrol. Does my car have a knock sensor? I know many will say that premium fuel doesn't offer any power gains and its just placebo but I think the car does honestly feel better. And having read that they clean the engine is just a further benefit which alone could be good reason to use them. I look forward to hearing from your guys. Thanks
  6. Power Steering Fluid Issue

    Yeah your right stef123, just saw it on the information bit of catch's. catch is a MK2 1.6. Parts must be similar if not the same as mine as I have the 1.6 MK 2.5 (which is just the facelift I believe)
  7. Hi, need to remove some power steering fluid from my car as there is too much in the car at present. I was planning on using a plastic syringe to remove the excess liquid but just wanted to make sure that this was safe.. it won't contaminate the fluid or anything.. Thanks in advance for any responses
  8. Power Steering Fluid Issue

    Also I have the prices I paid for the parts individually if you want to know them.
  9. Power Steering Fluid Issue

    Hi catch. Ok basically with mine they said the power steering pipe was leaking which meant I had to buy a new hose, they also said the drive belt had become contaminated because of the leaking fluid. Ford quoted me £475 for the repair.. which I thought was way too high!! I found out there was total of 5 parts that needed changing which were, the drive belt, the hose, power steering fluid, and two other bit (one was a nut kind of this, the other was almost like a washer sort of thing.) Anyway they told me the total price for the parts was £180. Meaning they were charging me a bomb on labour. I asked at a local garage how much they would charge just for labour (with me buying the parts for £180) and they quoted me £85. So got the whole thing done for £265 (saving just over £200 than getting Ford to do it). Hope this helps
  10. Power Steering Fluid Issue

    Cheers mate, will have to give that a go tomorrow. I'm going to remove it when the car is cold but got a question about that.. When the engine is cold should the fluid be upto the MAX mark or on the COLD mark?
  11. Power Steering Fluid Issue

    Hi I recently had a problem with my power steering on my Focus 1.6 Petrol MK 2.5 (there was a leak in the hose) Anyway I got that replaced by a local mechanic and it seems to be working now. However it appears that he has put too much power steering fluid in the car. I've attached an image of the power sterering reservoir- the image is after having driven the car for about 30mins so its when the engine was warm. You can see its pretty high. When the engine is cold the fluid comes to about 1cm-2cm above the MAX line.. My question is, is this ok? Will I have a problem with this? Also, if I need to remove some, how do I do it? Can I use a syringe? Or will that put air into the power steering system.. Appreciate the help
  12. Hi, had to use my jack and spare tyre the other day due a flat tyre. However having now got a new tyre I can't work out for the life of me how I put the jack back into the spare wheel compartment. I have had the jack in the boot for the last couple days but I can't stand the sound of the jack rolling around the boot area. Can anyone please upload picture of how to put the jack and spare tyre back correctly. Thanks
  13. Ford Focus Mk 2.5 Servicing Question

    Thanks for the response. Yeah think your right about going to dealership, just seems the better thing to do.. Also, I'll have a look at the service and see what the last service was.. If I remember correctly, I think they did the 25,000 service when I purchased the car. So hopefully just an interim one now
  14. Got an 08 1.6 (petrol) Focus MK 2.5. The cars on about 29,000-30,000 miles, been having this issue since I bought the car on 21,000. Ok so here is issue: When I get in the car and begin driving and change from first to second gear, the change is fine but following the change comes a strange sound, almost like a twang or springy thud sound. So far this hasn't seem to effect drive the car at all, but more stange is the fact that usually it only happens when I first change gear and won't occur for the other gear changes or for the rest of the time I drive the car (even if I go back into first it still doesnt happen). The biting point on the clutch seems about average and aside from this sound it seems to be working fine.. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!