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  1. Ford Fiesta St In Geneva

    Just back from Geneva myself and i have to say in the flesh its looks really good. I was a bit skeptical about teh front in teh pictures but when you actually see it its really nice. Once ive sorted some pics out ill post them here.
  2. Ridiculous Insurance Quotes..

    24 with 1 years ncb and pay £450 for my new Zetec S 1.6Petrol. Got my dad as a named driver which brings it down a bit
  3. Hi All

    Certainly better on fuel. Getting 40ish mpg with mainly short journeys round town and being a new car. Haven't really looked into mods yet. I'm not the best at fitting them as I'm paranoid ill muck it up. Not keen on the mist jets though. My dad has a mk3 focus and they annoy me more than anything when driving his car.
  4. Hi All

    Was a uk rx8. Month after I bought it engine warning light came on which started 4 months of back and forward to garage with them assuring me every time it's fixed only for warning light to come back a couple days later. Then after finally getting to the bottom of it and a £1k new catalyst it failed its mot and the front left suspension needed fixed. Got it all fixed and fine but I had lost all trust in it so had to get shot of it. My car before was an 04 fiesta firefly and I wanted to go back to what I know best so got a deal on a new fiesta and I'm quite chuffed with it with peace of mind with a new car.
  5. Hi All

    Hi Everyone, Picked up my new Fiesta Zetec S last week after finally getting rid of my awful previous car (RX8 Don't ask ) Already got some lockwood scuff plates ordered and probably some nice carpet mats soon :)
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums C225 :)