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  1. Tyre Pressure Malfunction

    After nearly a week of having a Malfunction showing on the dash I had to do something about it. I've tried deflating and over inflating the tyre to activate the TPMS alarm and then put the tyre pressures back to the correct pressures. i've also tried taking the wheels off to activate the TPMS. All to no avail. In the end I did the manly thing of losing my rag and disconnting the battery for 15 minutes. The only thing went through my mind once it had been disconnected was did I have the radio code. Ooops. Low and behold it worked. Silence in the car no lights on the dash, for some reason a radio that still works. Never asked me for a code. Winner. Regards Phil :D
  2. Good Evening, I had the fronts pads changed on my MK4 Mondeo today and since then I've had a Tyre Pressure Malfunction. The garage have read the fault codes and it says its auto reset. Is this normal and will it recover once I've done a few miles. I hate having warning lights lite on the dash as its all seems very expensive to turn the off. Thanks Phil
  3. Mondeo 2008. Cam - Belt Or Chain

    Thanks Dave, Fortunately enough its a diesel. It's long way off doing 150,000 miles. I hope I have may years of low cost motoring before then. Phil
  4. I've just become a pround owner of 2008 Mondeo. Can someone tell me if the Cam is a belt or chain and how often it has to be changed. Thanks
  5. Mondeo Zetec 2008

    Thanks for the website. I'm going to get it sorted today one way or another. Hate driving round on a bicycle wheel. Phil
  6. Hi All, I purchased a 08 plate Mondeo 10 days ago. Within 7 days had to replace a TPMS valve. Fitted Friday at an independent garage. Blow me did my regular tyre pressure check today when filling up with fuel. Snapped another. Why would Ford fit a Sensor thats made from such a brittle material. Does anyone know where I can get sensors from that are made to last as I'm afraid of checking the rest of my tyre pressures just in case I break another. Why did i buy this car. Love the car hate the TPMS. Thanks Phil
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Whitters :)

    1. Whitters


      Thanks Steve. Looking forward to investigating the site.