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  1. Has anyone replaced any parking sensors on their car?. I have 2 sensors not working so I bought 2 off ebay but the front outer one is different to the rest. Looks like the only replacement is a genuine Ford one.
  2. Did you fix your parking sensors?
  3. I did get the sensors off ebay so I hope they will be ok.
  4. I have a similar problem with my Titanium x. So we put my car on the diagnostics at my local garage and it said the rh inner rear and front rh outer had failed. I have replaced the rear one but I await delivery of the sensor for the front. Hopefully that will solve it.
  5. Used the Ford Allen site on ebay in the end, just about the cheapest for genuine mudflaps.
  6. I am looking to purchase some mudflaps for my Ford Focus and was wondering if there is a Ford dealer who offers parts and accessories at a reasonable price. I know some Ford dealers offer parts on Ebay but was wondering if you can get better deals by going direct to the dealer.
  7. I was hoping it would be repaired.
  8. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place I'm sure the mods will move it if necessary.
  9. Well its not been a good day today. We had a few centromeres of snow here in rural Mid Wales, and while travelling to work at 5.30 this morning I slid in the snow and hit a bridge wall in my Focus. The front near side was hit damaging the front bumper and headlight. The air bags went off so the car was undrivable even though the steering seemed ok. Question is would this be classed as a write off? The car has done 96k and is a 62 plate. It was to dark to take a photo unfortunately.
  10. Tried it again today and it loaded ok. I did get the card off ebay.
  11. Received my V8 sd card today and put it in my sat nav but it just asks me foe an sd card any ideas am I not doing something right?
  12. I have a December 2012 Titanium x Focus, and would like to update my Satnav. Which SD card should I get?