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  1. Burning Smell

    Thanks for the reply. I haven't used the car yet since. What would you consider a long enough run?
  2. Burning Smell

    When I came home this evening there was a burning smell coming from the front of my Mk 3 2.0tdci titx. The fan was also on even though the temperature gauge was reading normal . Would it be the DPF regenerating?
  3. 2.0 TDCi 163 Zetec S Powershift

    what was wrong with the dpf?
  4. 2.0 TDCi 163 Zetec S Powershift

    How much was the remap. I am thinking of remapping my Titanium x.
  5. Is there any information on how to remove the door handle as mine only works intermittent.
  6. Hesation at low revs

    Yes no codes found. Took the car to local ford garage today as it became much worse the car was hesitating at all speeds. Mechanic found a fault on bank 2 of the injectors. He just checked all the wires and plugs. I drove it home and it never hesitated once. Mechanic did say I might need a new injector at £225 +vat plus 2 hours labour. I will see how it goes.
  7. Hesation at low revs

    Not made any difference, having read posts on hear I believe the problem is the EGR valve. Ford garage quoted me £400 for a new one plus fitting! Looks quite awkward to remove.
  8. Hesation at low revs

    Changed the fuel filter yesterday, not as bad as a mk4 Mondeo. See if that makes any difference.
  9. Hesation at low revs

    Is the fuel filter the same as on the Mondeo where you have to hand pump the diesel to the pump when you change it?
  10. Hesation at low revs

    My 2012 Focus 2.0tdci Titanium x now and again has a hesitation when on low revs or when on slight throttle. Did wonder if it was the DPF but I don't do short journeys, usually a minimum of 15 miles to work.Anyone got any ideas?
  11. Keyless Entry

    Started working again today, just as I had booked the car in at the dealers on Friday.
  12. Keyless Entry

    The car is coming upto 4 years old. I have a 3 month used car warranty which I am going to try and use to cover it.
  13. Keyless Entry

    Having some bother with my keyless entry. Works ok on the passenger side but I can't open driver's door without using the key fob. I can lock the driver's side though by touching the pad on the door handle. Any way of getting it to work or do I have to live with it?
  14. Hello again

    Hi all not been on for a while. Joined back in 2012 when I had a 2008 Mondeo estate. This year in July I changed it for a Focus titanium 2.0tdci. Nice car but I missed the space of an estate, so last weekend I swapped it for a 62 plate Focus 2.0tdci estate. Its a very nice car with all the toys. Today I fitted some mudflaps, will try and take some photos tomorrow.
  15. Wheel Bearing Has Died

    Whats it like to do a front bearing as one of mine has become noisy on my mk4