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  1. Battery Trouble?

    Instructions on howw to change the battery in the ford Focus: http://drivingroadrage.blogspot.com/2012/03/how-do-i-change-battery-in-ford-focus.html
  2. DPF or not?

    Thanks All for your replies. Very helpful and glad to see that it appears I am NON DPF... what a massive releif.
  3. Hi All, I joined a few days ago after trawling through a load of forums to try and find out if my car has a DPF. this forum is by far the most useful, and full of great people who are readily able to help. I'm driving a 55 plate ford Focus saloon 2.0 TDCI Ghia. Non-DPF it would seem! :-) Im a bit of a driving nut - some of my driving related stories can be found at the below: http://drivingroadrage.blogspot.com http://renaultbrakes.blogspot.com << dont worry, not all Renault related. I hate them!! Thanks for your help so far! kind regards James N
  4. DPF or not?

    Hi there.I too am trying to work out if i have a DPF on my 55 plate 2.0 TDCI Ghia Saloon. Ive had a look towards the front of the exhaust today and cannot see anything that looks like the pictures of DPF's ive seen. All i can see is the below. Does anyone know if this a DPF, or if my car has one? I am seriously hoping not as my car is coming upto 75,000 miles. DPF replacement time! Thank you in advance!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums James Nisbett :)