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  1. Other 'boys Toys'

    sorry no other boys toys here too old and chilled to bother any more quiet happy just relaxing and enjoying life and my halo megablock kits
  2. Getting Our Money Back?

    honest advise you are at the mercy of the dealer/garage my only advice as a X used car salesman is be nice to them, keep them on your side and they will help you your rights are simple the car you bought has to be upto the job its designed for , theres no real warrenty in place ,you dont get 7 days 28 days or 3 months unless its made obvious in the litreture, or adverts or you purchased an extended warentee, but the newer and lower milage the car is the more you should expect it to go with out major problems, or require repairs/maintenance you can opt to reject the car, but this is long winded and you can be charge for any miles you have done with the car and the fact that the car you bought now has an extra owner on the log book dont expect your old car back, you sold it, but you can always ask, you never know it is all donewn to the garage and if they are a good garage with a reputation or a garage thats just out to sell cars and make a quick profit if things are not looking good, go to the papers, local radio, trading standards, trading bodies, etc did you take finance out on the car at the garage that is a car finance agreement, if so you can go to your finance company and take it up with them as i said you can opt to reject the car, but your best bet is to get it repaired, at least once it is sorted out, you will have a car you know is right, you havnt had the car long and must give the garage time to sort the car out, this could take a couple of weeks, or longer, it can take over a week to get parts in some cases its unfortunate that you have started of on a bad experience with the car, but it can be resolved if they are a decent garage, if there are a bit dodgy, you may have to bite the bullet on this if the garage is part of a group, contact a director and explain to them your problems and issues, in most cases problems dont get past up the line and get coverd up, but if you go to the top they care about reputation and will help you sort it out but most of all BE NICE be there friend, dont shout, be helpful, keep in touch, make them like you and want to help you if you scream and shout at them, they will dig there heels in , avoid you and wont feel it worth while to help you hope this helps, good luck
  3. PS3 or Xbox?

    got to be xbox 360 got a ltd edition red one, just cant wait for the new xbox 720
  4. Anyone Recomend A Decent Mechanic

    mmm think i may have found one,, good O,,ill let you know how it goes
  5. in and around washington, tyne and wear im looking for a good reliable mechanic, the one i used to use is retired now and ive a few jobs mounting up and dont want to pay dealer prices im after a job done right and proper first time, so if you can recomend anyone one whos either mobile, got a lockup somewhere or a good garage id appreciate it cheers all
  6. Insurance- Modifications

    hi there ive been there, having modified a previous car first thing , ring your insurance company and ask them if they will cover you if you modify the car, some companies wont touch you even if you fit a performance air filter or even better headlights, and if you dont tell them everything it gives them a reason to void your insurance should you ever need to claim rule of thumb is if it doesnt increase your speed it wont affect your premium, soon as you do anything performance related they may put your premium up, it may be worth it find a insurer that appreciates car clubs and modified cars, like AON and Adrian Flux as they may only be an extra £20-30 rather than £200-300 for some insurance companies also, keep all your reciepts and a list of everything you have done as they may well ask for in depth details my car had a list of 70 odd items, when fitted, cost of part and availabilty just remember its a long slippy slope once you start, as you will always want that next thing
  7. Hi

    cheers think ive got this all sorted should have an image of the ranger up now
  8. The Best Cars You've Owned List

    ok here goes, ive driven all sorts having been a used car salesman best ive owned is the BMW coupe, worse was the daewoo laganza most impressed by is the ford ranger ownedthe only other 2 memrable cars were the Omega MV6, which was a real beast with looks, and the MX5 which i spent over £9k on but ive owned that i can recall 1987 opel kadette 1.3 ss (new) 1886 granada 2.0gl 1987 mazda 626 1984 citroen bx 1988 motego advantage 1980 ford capri 1.6 1995 ford escort (new) 1984 rover 213 1984 ford fiesta 1984 ford escort xr31 1998 fiat brava (new) 2001 ford focus (new) 1994 vauxhall calibra 1995 hyundi lantra 1996 ldv luton van 1997 vauxhall omega cdx 1998 daewoo laganza 1999 nissan primera 1999 omega MV6 2004 renault scenic (new) 1994 ford escort 1997 citroen xantia 1992 mazda mx5 modified 2007 mazda 5 sport (new) 1994 escort van 1996 toyota hiace van 2001 jaguar x-type sport 2011 BMW 1 series coupe 120d m sport (new) 2004 ford ranger
  9. Quickclear. Why Only Ford

    ford has a pattern on the system from years ago, which is why you only find it on fords or ford related makes if and when ford owned them, like jags and aston, or manufacturers who have it on license from ford thats why BMW, VW,Audie etc dont have it
  10. Newcastle or Tyne & Wear meet

    if i can make it im game
  11. artrherdaily

    my car
  12. Hi

    thought i should join , seeing as i own a ford, and clubs/forums are one of the best place for petrol heads i now own a ford ranger 2004, its works plus personal use, ( i dont work that hard ) its not the first ford ive owned had a few escort , escort xr3i , escort rs turbo, capri, focus, a granada and now the ranger, but being an X car sales man ive driven most fords from before 2003, plus ive owned and driven a fair few cars, plus modified a couple and have to admit the ranger has to be one of my favorites im an old-ish grumpy sod living in the north east, been a member of a few clubs plus committe member of a national club never miss an episode of top gears , watch every car related tv program, basically a petrol head so thats me and hi to everyone
  13. New Owner Shared Expeience

    well being new to the ford ranger i thought id share my thoughts for any other potential buyers ive owned mainly bigger cars, omegas, jags people carriers etc, plus a highly modified MX5 and a few other bits after last christmas our other car ( a bmw ) just sat though the snow while the jag went everywhere (4wd) so when it came time to replace the works van, i bought a 2004 ranger pick up with all the toys and leather (xlt thunder) and to be honest love it its a bit old fashioned, bit bumpy, noisey, it aint fast, but on a run its comfy and easy to just plod on at 60-70 mph with the music on it does 30mpg average, got nearly 40 on a run the boot (rear tub with a mountain top lid) is massive you get loads in and forget weight issues my 78 year old mother in law loves it, more than the jag, and i have to carry a set of steps so she can climb in, bless her ive put decent new tyres on it, serviced it replace the timing belt for my peace of mind and nothing else service wise fitted an auto lights on kit (that was a pain) and a decent sony cd/radio yes i will keep it, in a couple of years it will be replaced for another pickup, and the ranger is first choice again
  14. Ranger Remote Fob

    hi there i had the same issue quoted £120 of a dealer for a new remote i just bought one of ebay ( make sure the numbers match as there is more than one frequency) then programmed it myself, the instruction can be found with the help off goggle or wikipedia but again beware there is more than one method total cost £35 and works perfect
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums artherdaily :)