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  1. Auto Door Locking When Parked?

    Thanks Clive... Seemingly, I failed to lock my C-Max doors with the key fob when I got home yesterday evening in the dark - not sure if anyone on the street noticed the lack of indicator light flashing, but this morning I found both front doors were not closed properly and someone had entered the car, but not taken anything? My TomTom power cable was hanging down over the door sill with the mini USB plug resting on the (snow covered) drive - the cigarette lighter adapter and extension cable (normally residing under the driver's seat) were left on the footwell carpet? I can only guess 'they' were disturbed by someone or something or other and left the scene, there were fresh footprints on the otherwise virgin snow by the LH front passenger door close to the boundary hedge! But I'm sure when I've been washing the car in the past, the doors have auto-locked (yes, silently) after a while - something I found mildly 'annoying' when I expected to be able to open a door or hatch to clean around the openings.. ... anyone know for sure the locking options/foibles or otherwise? For sure I wish I had locked properly last night... as I said, must have been 'noticed' as I entered the house!
  2. I seem to recall that my 54 plate 2.0TDCi Zetec had a security function which automatically locked all doors after a set time when parked - providing the key was not in the ignition, the doors were closed but hadn't been locked with the remote! Did I dream this... ?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Jakx :)