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  1. Ford Focus Cmax 5000c radio specifications

    Thanks for the reply. That meens that this kind of speakers: https://www.sony.hr/electronics/zvucnici-za-automobil/xs-fb1620e or Focal RCX-165 are to heavy for the system.
  2. Hi everybody, I own Focus C max 2006 that has a radio-casette 5000c with stock speakers. By stock i mean only two speakers in front door. I'm willing to replace front speakers with JBL, or Focal speakers, but it's the RMS power that is bugging me. I can't find any specifications of 5000c and newer radios, how much power they can handle. My c max doesnt have tweeters, so i'm in looking in to putting them too, but i think 5000c doesnt have the connection for them. I need help of specifications od 5000c radio, and i'm willing to replace him with 6000c or Ford Sony radio.
  3. Happy Birthday FordFiestamk7!

  4. Hello guys! I wasnt at this forum for a long time. But i'm still in to Fords. I drive a Fiesta mk7 and i'm happy with it and it has 82 Hp. But I drove my best man last wekeend in my Fiesta and I was a bit hard on the gas pedal, he was like What the hell? This car can drive, how much power does it have. After saying that it has 82 hp he was stunned by how the Fiesta can be fast. He liked it very much. But i got a little bit offtopic. Reason why i opened this topic is because i'm looking in the new 1.0 ecoboost with 125 HP, even 100 hp engine is good to go. I like the car and even looking at the facelift that comes to Croatia from the begging of 2015. I would like to read about this engine, what does the drivers of Focus say. Did they have any problems with it, are there positive and negative sides of the car, how does the engine behave when its overloaded, are there any problems in winter and is it reliable. Every opinion is very welcome and you will help me a lot in creating a view of this new engine. Beacuse here in Croatia we are still new to this, and there are not so much people who made big mileage with there cars. Even drivers of C-max with this engine are of a help. I'm not yet in a buying situtation of the car, but I'm in dillema between a ecoboost and a diesel with 115hp. Thank you for your reply.
  5. Mk7 Newbie

    How much did you pay for the small antena and led bulbs, adn where? I'm looking at changing the antena.
  6. 2009 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers! Help !

    Thanks a lot. :) Will show him who's the boss.
  7. 2009 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers! Help !

    Can somebody give me a hitn, how to take off the window handle?
  8. 2009 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers! Help !

    I have tried to see if I have wires for the back speakers. I took from home all necessray things. And I saw this screws. I have three screws, after that i just unclip from the under the door cover. Question, how can I pull out window stick, or has a screw behind the plastic? I took a flashlight and wanted to see thro the plastic and saw that nothing is behind. Speakers are not there. I didn't do nothing because I didn't took the right screwdriver. Second Attempt maybe tomorrow.
  9. 2009 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers! Help !

    Wich Speakers did you fitted? How much time did it take to fit them in?
  10. 2009 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers! Help !

    Just watched some Speakers. Saw this Blaupunkt: http://www.blaupunkt.de/index.php?id=904&tx_ddfproducts2_pi1[view]=1504&no_cache=1&L=1 Pioneer: http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/products/25/131/201/TS-E1702i/page.html Kenwood: Which has the best quality?
  11. First Details Of New Fiesta St Revealed -

    They had to leave it as it is, maybe put led lights in some corners of the headlights, like eagleeyes. Looks like a big mouth car, or a shark at the dentist.
  12. 2009 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers! Help !

    I have in front 2 normal speakers and 2 small speakers. in the radio menu, I have in the Sound menu (Treble, Middle, Bass...) and Front fading left-right side, and I have rear Fadding Left -Right side. From that I can be sure the Audio system has a option of rear speakers that can be fitted. the Audio System is ICE 2 . http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/805/p1010065ns.jpg/ This is in my picture my audio.
  13. 2009 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers! Help !

    Hi! Wanted to ask the same question. I have a 5 door Trend Style, and I don't have the rear speakers (in the audio menu i have a option and i can adjust the rear speakers). But I would love to put them in. How big can go in side of the door, and which have you fitted in? You will help me a lot, i'm standing like a dummy trying to find some info about this. Somebody say that in the rear door can be fitted 13 cm speakers, and the others say it can be fitted 17 cm. How is Correct?
  14. 2011Fiesta Thread

    Very nice photos :)
  15. 2011Fiesta Thread

    Where did you bought thoose rear mud flaps? I'm looking at buying them, but i'm a bit scared about the road kerb at parking, don't wont to brake them.