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  1. Where To Buy Extra Set Of Rims

    I've just bought some winter tyres, and for expediency had them fitted to the rims that came with the car. Now I want to put the summer tyres onto a new set of rims. Then in the future I can do the winter/summer switchover myself. My local tyre merchant seems to have a good range of "Wolfrace" rims, but most of them are a bit, um, boy-racery! I wondered what other options people here recommend? Ford original parts tend to be very pricey, although there are some reasonable secondhand options on ebay (at the same kind of price as the Wolfraces). I've heard that there was a recent period where the Ford rims were considered too weak for British roads. Would want to avoid those.... Any advice (or links to other threads!) most welcome!
  2. New Mats

    Looking for some mats for our Mk8 Fiesta. It's not a TDCi or anything, and I'd rather have them plain - any suggestions? Does anyone know if Mk7 mats will fit a Mk8?
  3. Replacing Rear Reflector In 2012 Fiesta

    Mmm... It is a really fiddly job, isn't it? Considering how vulnerable that bit of plastic is, it should be easier to replace! I wonder how much a garage would charge to do it? The screw that goes into the rear section is a particular B*****d....
  4. I've got the part, but am wondering if there's anything I should know before attempting to install it? It looks as though it might be fairly accessible without removing anything, although perhaps the rear wheel arch liner might usefully be loosened. That is secured with some clips that I'm not quite sure how to remove without damaging. Any tips?
  5. 1.25 Vs 1.4 Engine

    Looking to buy a new Ford Fiesta. Had been considering the econetic diesel, but now slightly wondering if it would be a false investment. So that leaves the 1.25 and 1.4 engines. Are there any good reasons to choose one over the other. There would be a fair amount of driving, mostly suburban, but maybe the odd long journey. Interested in feeling to drive, economy, insurance, any other cost implications.
  6. Is Econetic Any Good?

    I guess you may have a point. Not sure if the depreciation is any different - are petrol engined cars easier/harder to sell?
  7. Is Econetic Any Good?

    Ah, I didn't know that about DPFs. When I had a diesel before (an old fashioned sort), I was always told that they were good for town driving - and that's why taxis were diesel. Thanks for the heads-up there.
  8. Is Econetic Any Good?

    ...not much in it. Surprisingly, the titanium econetic came out about 10% less than the Zetec econetic (this was through the ford owners club link and was with Allianz - price nearly double confused.com's Hastings insurance) Seems to me that the choice is between Titanium Econetic and Zetec Petrol 1.4. Is titanium considered much nicer than Zetec? Ps - maybe the cheaper insurance for titanium is due to perimeter alarm?
  9. Is Econetic Any Good?

    Thanks! Although I thought the difference in price was less. From drive the deal: Zetec 1.25 £10055 Zetec Eco £11855 Titanium 1.4 £12236 (can't get titanium 1.25) Titanium Eco £12785 Now to find the insurance costs...
  10. Is Econetic Any Good?

    Like the no-tax thing, but how frugal is it really compared to, say, the 1.25 petrol? And how oomfy? This is mostly for city/suburban driving
  11. Missus New Car

    So some kind of limited-edition colour, then? Doesn't seem to appear on the lists I've seen.
  12. Missus New Car

    What colour is that? I agree it's rather attractive.
  13. Thinking of buying a new Fiesta. Was looking at Zetec 1.25 5dr, but now wondering if I'd get payback (in terms of reduced fuel & road tax bills - possibly even insurance) with an Econetic. It would be mostly my wife driving - she does a lot of ferrying around of the kids. Fairly suburban driving. I've read that the theoretical figures aren't achieved, but has anyone here done the analysis against a bog-standard 1.25 petrol?
  14. Alex Says Hello

    I should start by admitting that I'm a bit of an impostor.... I don't currently own a Ford! In my defence, we did own a Ford Focus (1.4CL - a great little car) a few years ago and I'm now in the market for a new (or nearly new?) Fiesta (mostly for my wife to drive). I'm interested in opinions of how to buy a new (or nearly new) Ford. I started by asking around some of my nearest dealers - Evans Halshaw - Gates of Harlow - Dagenham Motors Enfield The spec I'm working on is: - Fiesta Zetec 1.25 - 5dr - Metallic paint I think that's about it! We do have an Audi A4 estate from 1999 - a nice car that still runs well, but the running costs are quite high and it won't go on forever (already done about 140,000 miles) - but I get the impression that I'd be best off trying to flog that second hand (maybe on EBay!) I was thinking that another Focus would be ideal - I loved the feel of driving that car, but Mrs prefers the look of the latest Fiesta (and I can't say I disagree - the modern Focuses do look a bit dull) and I suspect that 1.25 engine will attract ludicrously low insurance quotes compared to the Audi's 1.8. I'd be interested in suggestions for dealers that go the extra mile on service (rather than just having nice shiny shoes) and also a consideration of whether nearly new is better than actually new? Thanks all! (And if anyone wants suggestions on wine - or even TV's - I might be able to help!)
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums thewinelake :)