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  1. No worries Pete... I "host" images via photobucket, all upload instructions are on there mate. ;)
  2. Good on you Mark... It seems as though you have found a little gem of a motor! They are rare, but they do still exist here or there. You certainly won't be doing any harm giving her a decent run out every once in a while either... ir sounds like she needs running in! Let's have a look at her then mate! B)
  3. Hi Lenny, a price for my exhaust won't be much use to you i'm afraid mate as mine was built from scratch by a tuning firm... Loads of longlife outfits will have a jig to build a focus exhaust from (probably from ST dimensions) My "ST" rear bumper hybrid is 2" narrower than a proper ST, so ST exhaust jigs wouldn't work when creating my zorst.... I was billed £450 for my stainless twin, but that was an agreed upon price before the exhaust was built... He said it should have been nearer the £600 mark really, but stuck with the original price... He did spend all day perfecting it though! The sound tune is perfect, there is a supercharger like howl as the revs drop, and on a cold morningm, there is an identical amount of vapour coming from each pipe... The tuner said matching flow from each pipe would be tricky on my car, but he managed it perfectly... ;)
  4. I can't see the images The links won't "click" for me... Any chance somebody can post the pics up on a "quote" so i can see please? ;)
  5. Apologies, just read the rest of the thread... water pump is goosed
  6. "Opened the boner up and the top of the boner just to the right of where the coolant tank is was wet" Nowt worse mate! I'd check the "cheap" bits first... The pressure cap on my header tank wasn't sealing on my focus (in fact it had split in two i noticed on it's removal) I was losing about a litre of coolant per week up until the cap finally gave way and broke in two upon removal. Personally i'd replace the cap, top up, (don't forget to bleed the system) Then take it from there before i chucked money at it...
  7. I'm sorry my friends, but it WILL keep on rising in price i'm afraid. There is an agenda, and most in the know realize that the price NEEDS to be on or around the £1.90 per litre mark by the middle of next year. If there are any cover stories to so called "justify" the price, then happy days for the government as that makes us even easier to hoodwink. You think the Americans would pay these type of prices? Being brits we'll do the usual... grumble about it quietly, yet put up with it. We're the type that will hate the haircut, then smile at the barber when he holds up the mirror and even tip him, then moan about it when he can't hear us.... (true though isn't it?) We'll do exactly the same thing regarding the fuel price... What we all NEED to do as a complete unified population with NO EXCEPTIONS is to simply NOT buy fuel for an entire month, NO MATTER WHAT! That's the only way to show the government we mean business, and can unify... In fact, it's a manner of coup de tat without the violent uprising. The excess stocks of fuel wouldn't be flogged off cheap after a month...We'd still have to pay the same price... But it shows that perhaps we won't be held to ransom quite so much, they haven't got us by the short and curlies quite as much as they think they have... Of course it would never work... Each of us has our own excuses as to WHY we NEED the fuel... Of course we don't actually NEED IT. I'd be prepared to use my Mountain bike for my daily 35 mile commute to work, i'd be getting fit (at last) for very little money!
  8. I suppose a certain car must be in the "top ten" chart, but i can't really see why a Fiat500 inparticular... It's certainly not a jealousy attack is it? Whenever i see a Fiat 500 beingh driven about i'm tempted to ask the owner if he wants a lift home in a proper car, and i'll fetch him back to his motor when it goes dark so nobody can see him! :D And how is this "vandalism" being determined? I suppose plenty of FIAT owners would return to their car and find the bumper on the floor, a wing missing, or the entire car on fire... That's more to do with build quality (or lack of it) Not vandalism! :D
  9. Try to resist telling him by scratching it across his bonnet with a screwdriver! :D
  10. Hi Neil... What stand mate?
  11. DISCLAIMER FOR MY ABOVE POST I'm not tarring ALL british drivers with the same brush, most are ok (me included) but you do need to watch out for "british quirks" when driving over here...
  12. Hi GF, once overtaking (if you feel the need to) you'll feel right at home i'm sure, because then you are back on the side of the road to which you are accustomed... Just remember to move back over to the left if you see any approaching traffic though! The first time i did any continental driving i as worried about the dreaded overtaking manouevre too... I need'nt have worried though... The French are just so much better regarding the whole overtaking thing, that any problems i envisaged never materialised ;) Be warned though! British drivers really are pretty awful! You really have to watch out for them... If they DO indicate at all, bank on the indication being wrong, the rest of the time they'll simply ASSUME you know where they are going to swerve to next. Be prepared to experience shocking lane discipline,selfishness, and "oneupmanship" simply for the sake of it. Forget trying to keep a reasonable distance between yourself and the car in front... If anybody behind you see's "a gap" they will overtake you simply to fill that "gap" (as they see it). Just class driving over here as being a defensive excercise, i wouldn't advise being offensive in driving style, because the "next man" WILL hit your car rather than (In his eyes) "chicken out". Be prepared to stop at each and every traffic island/roundabout you encounter, even if you have priority, expect a car to come from nowhere as brits have an affinity of only indicating OFF a roundabout (what's the point?) NOT on to it... I'll await the stick for my post from other brits :D Most are as patriotic as they are bad at driving! :D WAIT FOR IT! ;)
  13. If you intend to do a full on conversion, then buying a complete car would work out to be the cheapest way of doing it... However the work involved in basically swapping chassis wouldn't be for the faint hearted! I think i'd be tempted to buy a runabout car too whilst the fezzy is off the road... Less chance of the job being compromised by time restraints then. B) I bought myself the ropiest old Rover 200 TDI whilst my car was being built, i didn't have the heart to be cheeky enough to sell the rover, i gave it away to a bloke that asked me for a lift, he seemed surprised when i said i can give him a car instead!
  14. The trick with touch up pen repairs is not to consider the finished result on being an invisible repair, more so an "at a glance looks better than it did" affair... Often, the most obvious "fault" with touch up repairs are the immediately noticable "brush strokes" when the paint has dried. Give the repair a few weeks to fully cure (not just dry) Then do a rather intense fingertip t-cutting session on the touch up... Most (if not all) of the brush strokes will reduce greatly, and in some cases will be barely noticeable, and often stand up to close up scrutiny...
  15. Your footwell lights look good Jordan... My focus titanium has them in standard spec, i fitted a set of ST alloy pedals to accentuate the lights at night B) FocusMAD: The bulb holders aren't immediately obvious at a glance when bulbs aren't fitted... I'd lie on my back with a torch and have a really good look for them, the chances are they'll be there...
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