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  1. Okay all, I know this is a well known issue with the Ford anti-theft and anti customer cannot access your bonnet issue but I wonder if there's a really good fix for this? My 04 Cmax TDCI has the "lock doesn't work" issue, I've replaced the plastic part with OE and it did it again so found a longer "boden" I think they call them on ebay and fitted that but it soon came back. Something is moving within the locking mechanism causing it all not to unlock. Is there a complete kit to replace with a fool proof repair? Not just changing for a new replacement of the same crappy design?
  2. Start Problem 2004 2L Tdci

    Okay week later after fitting replacement rad and rad control module plus removing the wiring that ford did during the recall...starting issue came back. Wouldnt start at all, turn key and click. Checked relays and fuses. Ended up local garage took it and 280 notes later i have replacement nee starter and more importantly a new starter cable with built in 100 amp fuse or whatever its set at. Id read another article with focus same issue, starter cable fuse breaks and its not shown in haynes manual. Car been dandy since.
  3. Cmax 2L Tdci Engine Fan Error P0691

    Okay plot thickens, decided to remove the recall cabling connectors so fan back as original wiring and wow! The P0691 error has gone and hasn't come back. Yet to see if my starting issue comes back but doesn't seem to be any extra drain on the battery having the wiring back as it was. I checked all of the loom I could, the cabling is in really good condition and no sign of corrosion.
  4. Cmax 2L Tdci Engine Fan Error P0691

    Yup that's the one, although I'm sure it looks purple. I'll look at it sat am...I'm hoping I can just put another cable along side it.
  5. Hi all, I've got a couple of issues with "leaking" cables, Po691 and P0380, which I've been working on...but in the mean time I'd like to sort a very heavy duty battery and question the install of LED lights. Anyone recommended a really good battery, where best to get it from? What's the full sp on the LED bulbs change and how much power consumption does it save? Interior and exterior? Does the 2007 rear lights have LED installs and are they a plug in fit to 2004? Its facelift model to mk1?
  6. Cmax 2L Tdci Engine Fan Error P0691

    Reading another topic with same fault but from a ford mechanic (paid for advice), said there's a location where the cabling comes out of the PCM (I now know its in the wing, pass side), between that and the connector for the fan module, the loom can sit in water puddles after its been washed or it rains and this causes corrosion? I'm going to remove the headlight and check what I can tomorrow morning, trace this purple cable back. I still wonder if my P0380 error which also relates to circuit issue but glow plug system could be the same set of cabling causing the issue?
  7. Cmax 2L Tdci Engine Fan Error P0691

    I was reading another discussion on this, kept on about the purple wire having corrosion. Any ideas where the loom sits in water, where exactly that point is? So say this causes the issue.
  8. Cmax 2L Tdci Engine Fan Error P0691

    Okay really peev with car now. 2nd hand fan and module...fitted. reset pcm and went for run only for fault to reappear. P0691. Relay has been changed with matching horn relay so what the hell else can it be? Odd thing is fan works, switch air con on and shes blowing like she should. Confused.com
  9. Cmax 2L Tdci Engine Fan Error P0691

    Funny enough i had the fix but not sure if had p0691 code before then, dont remember seeing it before. It.kinda means the fix isnt a fix.as its my actual.module thats leaking live to earth and the could cause the wires to over heat if im not mistaken? My dealer wont touch it without me payin 100s so trying 2nd hand module.
  10. P0380 Glow Plug Relay Location?

    Okay thanks. Hoping to do this task next weekend so thats where ill look
  11. P0380 Glow Plug Relay Location?

    Anyone have a pic of the 2004 2L TDCI glow plug relay location?
  12. Start Problem 2004 2L Tdci

    Okay things have settled a little with this since I'd removed the engine radiator cabling as I knew the module was leaking to earth and did ohms test to prove it (P0691). With cable disconnected, no P0691 code and the battery is staying around 12.8 at night and starting with glow plugs of 12.2 ish instead of 11 or sometimes 10.5 for a short second or two till glow plugs go out. I've still got P0380 being posted but she starts so well I might just replace the relay and not bother with the nightmare glow plugs. Replacement rad and module on way...should have her sorted soon!
  13. Cmax 2L Tdci Engine Fan Error P0691

    Hi all. Already done some leg work on this and know p0691 relates to fan and its leak to earth. Just checking my math on this really...when disconnected module plug. Doing ohms test on that plug i get a reading between the positive and negative connectors. That means it open circuit and will be causing a drain correct? Need replace module?
  14. Start Problem 2004 2L Tdci

    Any places recommend to get the Glow Plug Relay from? Fordparts want £50 just for the relay. I've been charging the battery every night now and she starts instantly with voltages from 12.8 to 12.5 before cranking, I'll replace the battery shortly as I cannot do anything with warranty now that the place I bought it from has gone into administration.
  15. Start Problem 2004 2L Tdci

    Does anyone know if the P0380 error code could be from a battery running low all the time (12.4 or below) or from the faulty glow plug relay, or could the glow plug relay cause a leak which could drain the battery? I'm getting a non cranking car, its not that it wont start, when it does turn over it starts first time every time. Any ideas what will cause the car not to turn over? Ignition barrel seems to be okay?