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  1. thanks very much your help :) everyone who comented
  2. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    the fault code is an easy spot. not sure what number in the secuence it is but they show like this..... 0001 that would mean you have one fault code the very next screan will flash between "DTC" and the fault code itself. the code will be 4 digits long. if you post your fault code/codes on here i will tell you what they mean
  3. 2000 Reg Focus Trip Computer Fitting?

    thanks for that,i think i can follow the pictures without being able to read the walkthrough in german.
  4. 2000 Reg Focus Trip Computer Fitting?

    thanks very much, il remove that section of facia to check for conections tomoro, if there actualy there il buy the ghia style facia aswell. when u mentioned the windscreen wash bottle with sensor i guess on the trip computer theres a warning for when its low? would i be good to go without that and just not have a reading for the wash bottle? or would that bugger the whole thing up?
  5. 2000 Reg Focus Trip Computer Fitting?

    yea only thing is is to have a look im going to have to cut a section of the dash board out as the part i need to clear to insert the trip computer doesnt simply pop out
  6. Aa 5* Extended Warranty

    my mother has a 53 reg fiesta 1.4 zetec and she swears by this aa extended cover. be carefull thoughas a lot of thigs you may expect to be covered may not be. i think also for it to be vilid you must not stray from the manafacturers servicing guidelines, if your cars due a service at 20.000 and your service stamp says 21,000 your cover will be void! last winter she had bottom end engine trouble. the full job came to £650 and the AA covered £500 of it
  7. The ghia version of the focus had the trip computer /mpg/range ect iv got the zetec model which doesnt have it. in its place theres a little duket for loose change ect if i purchased a trip computer from ebay out of a 2000 reg focus ghia and removed the duket were it would be located on the ghia model would the wires/connections be sitting around behind for me to install the trip computer? many thanks people
  8. yea i was thinking around about that, the car was my step dads before it was mine. he said the bottom half of the tank seems smaller than the top. i ran the tank from full till bang on half way, cost about £35 to fill back to the top. about 25 litres im i remember rightly. so id guess its a 50 litre tank. just with him saying the bottom halfs saller i was wondering if it could be a 40/45litre tank
  9. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    anyone no how to work out the amount of fuel in the tank from the fuel volume reading? mine was F150. googled it but of course all i find is links to a ford f150 lol
  10. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    worked a treat on my focus zetec. got the error code 9318-low battry voltage. confused as to how to work the fuel volume out "F150" fuel 150? i was hoping it would say "fuel 22 litres" or something like that lol so i acualy new the amount of fuel iv got in the tank.
  11. Put My Car On Autotrader

    id take the stereo off you for a fair price
  12. Labour Charges For A 1.6 Zetec Clutch

    thanks thats not so bad, iv got a old school freind whos a mechanic. he done a vectra gsi clutch for me in his garage ( garage at the the side of his house) not a working car garage. he done it as a guvy over the weekend. might try and catch him. not seen the lad for a few year tho and 2-3 hours? guess that would come in at about £100 from a litte garage charging £30-35 an hour labour
  13. The Best Cars You've Owned List

    1989ish ford siera xr4--------- amazing 1994 astra sr-------------------- not so amazing- lasted 30 miles after buying it 1997 rover coupe 1.6--------- was good to me this car 1998 ford escort GTI---------- never had a problem with this one, was heavily modded 1996 pug 306 2.0l cabby----- great exept roof didnt work and it was taken for being a cut and shut! 1999 vectra 2.5 v6 gsi-------- nothing but trouble. expensive repair costs too 1998 rover coupe 1.6--------- excellent 1999 volvo s40 2.0l :/--------- terrible mpg but it did have 255k on the clock 1998 BMW 320 coupe-------- decent enough 1996 whilliams clio------------- lots of fun indeed 1992 toyota celica------------- not as good as id hoped 1992 ford fiesta xr2i----------- so so so so much fun 1998 toyota avensis 2.0l----- comftable family car 1999 seat alhambra-----------absolut dog- only bought to sell 1998 pug 406D-----------------not pretty but good mpg 2002 fiat punto 1.2------------ again bought to sell 2000 ford focus 1.6 zetec---- Seems very good so far-fingers crossed quite a varied selection for the past 7 year im sure ud agree would love a Siera saphire cosworth..... maybe later in the year
  14. FOC Age group Poll!

    i was 26 last week and wanted to click 22-25 :(
  15. Newcastle or Tyne & Wear meet

    id be up for that