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  1. Happy Birthday vinparadise!

  2. hello everyone, my focus 09 mk2 didn't has voice control system by manufactured. Novero Bluetooth module, sony cd with phone function and the steering wheel control stalk with voice control button have been bought and fixed to my car. The phone function is ok by pressing button on cd dashboard. Music control including volume up or down, next or previous etc. by steering wheel control stalk is ok. But voice button on steering wheel control stalk does not work. There is not any responses when the voice button pressed. How can I do? thanks a lot
  3. hi all, Can the cluster‘s rom be upgraded by IDS via VCM??
  4. Drl

    all are nice except the third, but it is too expensive.
  5. Drl

    mine is marked E4 02A 00RL 15103 DRL SAE P08
  6. Drl

    ebay, about 75GBP, made by esuse TaiWan there are two working type depends on different wiring method 1. headlight on, drl light to 50% 2. headlight on, drl off by the way, all the wiring can be finished in engine area.
  7. Drl

    yep, mine is similar with yours, but now this kit doesn't has switches. All the wiring can be done in engine area, it spent me 2hrs to finish all things.
  8. Drl

    2009 focus, two LED start-up box stick on the fuse box.
  9. Rain Sensor

    Actually, the rain sensor has two functions, detecting rain and light. Everything is ready, including light control module(with auto position), sensor, sensor bracket, sensor mounting etc. You are right, wiring diagrams should be needed. I also tried to search the diagrams. But now nothing to be got. ps: all the tries are interesting things. I hope some helps will be come.
  10. Rain Sensor

    yes, I got it. It has auto position. And then how to be continued? thanks
  11. Rain Sensor

    WOW~~ you can do auto headlight?? That's great! Could you tell me how to do? please, please, please thanks a lot
  12. Rain Sensor

    thanks for your reply. I have checked the wires in curtesy, there are no wires exists. there is the function "auto headlight" control in GEM, maybe this function should be switch on in GEM via IDS like cruise control. But the first thing , wires connected should be done. I searched internet, I found someone made the dash loom for light control module, rain sensor and auto dimming rear view mirror.
  13. Rain Sensor

    thanks for your reply, I know the extra wires will be needed, and I know it is the complex job. But now everything is ready, I want to have a try, maybe I can setup the loom for everything by myself, then ask for specialist to switch the function on GEM. So, if you have some ideas for these extra wires, please tell me. DIY is the funny work. I like it. thanks again.
  14. Rain Sensor

    2009 focus mk3 doesn't have auto headlight and auto wipers. Headlight control module(with auto position), rain sensor, auto wiper stalk, auto dimming rear view mirror are ready. How to connect these components? I know the new loom should be made and I can do it myself. I just want to know how to make the new loom for connecting these components.
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums vinparadise :)