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  1. I'm about to buy a very good plate. So good that I'm not telling what it is in case someone get's it before I decide. LOL :P
  2. Nice but doesn't Haynes ( LOL ) advise against forcing the drop link down?
  3. I'd buy some but my reversing lights AND rear wiper on a mk3 mondeo estate have stopped working. checked the bulbs n fuses, ok. No idea where to look now. :(
  4. Hi folks, I want to change my Fixed Orifice Tube on my Mk3 2.2 Diesel but don't know where it is. Anyone help please? Thank you.
  5. Took me at least 5 minutes before I worked out he meant "brakes". You might get an answer now m8. :)
  6. Hmmm. Won't the mpg depend on how you drive it now?
  7. But you only use them in fog, don't you? I mean, you wouldn't be a knob and use foglights as spotlights. Would you?
  8. No idea but did you get it sorted and what was the fault?
  9. Er, was it the part of the spark plug inside the engine or outside?
  10. Hi, if you change the fuel filter I strongly recomend you prime it with diesel as I flattened my battery twice, trying to start my "self priming" Mondeo. I eventually primed it using a hyperdeemic nurdle, used for filling printer cartridges with. My filter was £13.99 from an accessory shop.
  11. WOW! I thought "That's not nice, slagging off Payne's" I've bought stuff from them before and I was happy with the price. Anyway, before I spoke here, I thought I'd do some research. Digging out my receipt for 20 liters of ford 5W/30 synthetic oil and checking that it only cost £57.60 delivered, I went onto Ebay. :o Shock-horror! They now ask £86.71 for it !!!!!! < Undo's "not nice" thoughts.
  12. Aye but there are 2 factors to take in. 1. Was the tyre outer circumference diferent with the 15" wheels as this would change the speedo readout? 2. Were they real alloys or just cosmetic alloys? I'll explain. A "real" alloy is a lot lighter than the original steel wheel and lessens the overall weight of the car and also improves the handling, due to less unsprung weight. Cosmetic alloys are usually heavier than steel wheels and add to the overall weight of the car and actually detract fromt he handling.
  13. Hi Folks. Just tried to have my air con services by Formula 1 in Cambridge but they said they couldn't do it as there was a blockage. So, anyone know about blockages in it? Probably dear so can I find it myself, is there a "usual" place that it blocks in? And why are Frod making stuff that blocks my car up? Eh? Thank you.
  14. I'm shure all the dogs used are up to scratch, except the one that bit me dad. :D
  15. A "Belgian" shepherd? Wouldn't the sheep be more scary? My dad's police dog bit him so he had to shoot it. :o Maybe that's why they put him up on a hoss, out of the way. I've a photo of him somewhere. Mounted, of course. I'll have to dig it out.
  16. Tut at such shady goings on. I've bought some "cheap" diesel for my Sierra a few times from under Byker bridge. Shoved vege oil through it, my Mk2 Mondeo and my Peugeot 406 occasionally with no apparent harm but I'm loathe to try it on my 06 Mondeo 2.2. I just daren't chance it on one of the best cars I've had.
  17. Hmmm. I've seen some led headlight bulbs, giving 300% more light. Are they legal here and has anyone experienced them? Any good? $38.28 each plus about £1 P&P from the land of the rising noodle.