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  1. Untitled Album

  2. got a new twin exhaust fitted yesterday looks great.should have done this in the first place instead of a single double.

  3. Fly Eye

    Cheers fellas,will give it a go and see what happens.
  4. fitted my dash cam today and it works great day and night. well happy!!

  5. Fly Eye

    Just a quick one is fly eye on headlights going to pass am mot? Was thinking of doing headlights and fogs but mot is due in April so don't want to waste time and money on it.
  6. was going to take my centre console and dash bits for carbon dipping but went on ebay and managed to get all the st bits for 90 quid.plus got some carbon fibre eyebrows winging there way to me;-)

  7. Zetec S Parts? ??

    http://www.european-parts.net/catalog/index.php?cPath=58 i purchased my zs grill from this company they do bodykits if any intrest to you
  8. Zetec S Parts? ??

    i got all my parts off ebay but took me over a year to get the full kit and was all salvage parts.these are very rare just have to keep checking ebay bud theres no where on the net i know off for cheap parts.
  9. Zetec S Parts? ??

    your cars the same model as mine and the rear defuser is a direct fit as long as its not a cheap fibre glass copy.its clip and tiger seal job. .
  10. Exhaust Tail Pipe.

    It was just the existing end pipe bent and cut to fit under the bumper skirt.
  11. Exhaust Tail Pipe.

    I had to have the pipe cut and bent to fit one on mine.
  12. Focus 2008 Bumper Skirt

    Thanks there is only the lowering to do but been looking at the st and rs just trying to convince the wife of the benefits of either model.
  13. Focus 2008 Bumper Skirt

    The kid had it collection only so in boxed him gave him a sob story and he did a buy it now 50 and I paid a tenner collection through work.:-D