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  1. Well ill let you know about the Portrush show cause it would be nice to have you join us
  2. Think thats Causeway Ford Fair, 3rd August is Ford Fair at silverstone. You're more than welcome to join us for both
  3. So several of the fiesta owners from northern ireland are planning on going to Ford Fair on 3rd August. If anyone from NI would be interested in joining us please let me know. Many thanks Stuart
  4. Mk6.5 Fiesta: A Summary

    Module bought, hopefully fitted tomorrow morning
  5. Mk6.5 Fiesta: A Summary

    Carbon wrap is just off eBay. I bought a couple of big rolls of it and just sorta went nuts with it, only some of it stayed though
  6. Mk6.5 Fiesta: A Summary

    Well things have taken a turn for the worse. The car is currently moored up in the driveway due to a list of errors. Started with the abs light and handbrake light being constantly on the dash. Then my speedo stopped working, the trip computer lost all its info and the check engine light came on. Had it on a diagnostics machine after the abs and handbrake light came on and apparently there is an issue with the abs sensor and speed sensor on the front passenger wheel and the air temp sensor plus 8 unknown faults.
  7. She looked well at Portrush on Sunday. Was nice to put a face to the name too!
  8. Mk6.5 Fiesta: A Summary

    Osram night breakers in the headlights with led sidelights
  9. It's all looking well, shall look forward to seein this in the flesh on Sunday
  10. Scarlett - My Fiesta Mk3

    Well I've not failed an mot without them. Just be sure to check behind the mudguards to see if the paint work is ok and it can get badly scratched. Also the age you your paint shouldn't matter as long as the machine pad is kept damp/wet. Just take it carefully. Hope this helps
  11. Scarlett - My Fiesta Mk3

    i pulled the mudguards off mine, but them i'm lowered 45mm and the curb into my old driveway was vicious and they caught all the time so i pre-empted them being ripped off haha
  12. Scarlett - My Fiesta Mk3

    Could be the offset of your wheels (the ET value) try adding a 3mm or 5mm spacer shim to help if needs be. Can be had from halfords or from eBay if you want to be sensible with money haha.
  13. Scarlett - My Fiesta Mk3

    WHEEL FRIEND!!! car looks ace mate, credit to you for keeping a MK3 on the road. One of these was my first experience with a fiesta
  14. Mk6.5 Fiesta: A Summary

    Well I've managed to narrow my new car choice down to three and all of them are mk6.5 fiesta's (I know, very imaginative of me!) Anyway here we go: Option 1) ZS Tdci - focus 110 injectors, uprated turbo, CAIS and custom map Option 2) ZS anniversary - CAIS, coilovers and other cosmetic mods Option 3) (my favourite) ST - trip to jamsport, JS200+ and supercharger, cosworth inlet, coilovers and compomotive MO6's
  15. Now do I get a mk6 Fiesta Anniversary or a Mk6 Fiesta ST