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  1. Unknown Loom Behind Pillar?

    they grey plug looks like it's for GPS aerial, a preconnection if you have satnav, mine is blue ... strange :) and it's called Fakra.
  2. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Stone Guard

    hey, You can try european parts, Ebay and so on. I live in a country with what used to be roads ... years ago, so i bought a metalic one ... about 150 euros :). It is heavy but metal beats plastic every time :).
  3. Mk2 1.8 Tdci Focus - Blue Smoke On Cold Startup

    :) exces black smoke maybe but not blue smoke, not really. At -15 celsius some diesel fuels have issues so the car would sound badly for a few minutes, so this would "help" the problem. Anyway, i hope it's an easy fix.
  4. Mk2 1.8 Tdci Focus - Blue Smoke On Cold Startup

    I don't want to argue with anyone :) but as a general rule blue smoke means oil leaking in the engine somehow, no matter the fuel type. Judging by your logic, diesels should give blue smoke all the time, and that is not the case. Diesel engines were originally designed to run on oil yes, diesel was introduced as a cheaper alternative at the time, but diesel fuel is far from being an oil nowadays :). This is why for example Euro 3 and some euro 4 cars don't "like" the new euro 5 - 6 diesel fuel because it has less sulphates in it (hope i wrote it right, not a native english speaker). This substance was used to lubricate parts and a lot of mechanics are saying that you can put 2T oil (aboul 5ml for 1 litre of diesel) so the fuels lubricates better. You can check your fuel filter after about 15000 miles and you may notice very small metal shards in it, or you can drag a magnet and see what is picking up. Won't ruin the car but it could cause injectors to malfunction for example and eventually brake, especially commonrail. Hope i make some sense. SO, blue smoke means oil in fuel, in my own opinion :) Sorry for the long post
  5. Mk2 1.8 Tdci Focus - Blue Smoke On Cold Startup

    Blue smoke = oil smoke, from somewhere, you have to go check. it's a TDCI, so glow plugs are usually not a problem. If smoke is comming thru the vents also, check around the injectors for any leeks, (it might be from them), it might be because you put to much oil in it, or 100 other reasons. No matter the weather blue smoke equals oil is getting in the engine somehow. I would go to a mechanic, my first option, and my second one, go and test the injectors.
  6. Turbo Modification

    you could get a blow off valve fitted, but you would have to re-route it somehow, because you may have MAF issues and, you might get some stalls. Otherwise the car should run better, not really more HP but a more fluid acceleration.
  7. K&n?

    no power gain in my opinion, the only real thing you will notice is a more responsive throttle from the simple fact that the filter is more permissive ... so you will have a better acceleration in terms of fluidity. I personally wouldn't recommend such a filter if you stay in a dusty city/area because if will clog very fast. On a non turbo/ aspirated engine ... maybe the same thing ... just maybe.
  8. How Often Should I Get An Oil Change?

    Hey, As far as i know, oil changes chemical proprieties after about 1 year, and it doesn't lubricate as well, that is why they recommend changing oils once per year at least, or at about 10 miles ? (i know it's 15.000 km). Also doing 5000 miles in London for example, or a very busy city, or doing a lot of short trips with a cold engine (and oil) it's not that good either. I change my oils every 8-10.000 km just because i run my car in the city a lot, with a lot of short trips for example. I would never say that you would have troubles if you just keep the ford miles service schedule, especially if you still are under warranty, you shouldn't worry about this :) Drive Safe
  9. Can I Run My Focus 2003 1.8 Tddi On Biodeisel ?

    veg oil only works on old diesel engines, new engines won't accept that :) As for biodiesel, from the pump, that is treated ... so it won'create bacteria. The one you make at home has to be aditivated in order to kill bacteria. Being an organic product ... if you don't use aditives, germs will appear :) in diesel and petrol at the same time.
  10. Can I Run My Focus 2003 1.8 Tddi On Biodeisel ?

    Hey, In EU, you already use biodiesel ;) straight from the pump (i think it is about 7% now). In theory you can use 100% biodiesel with no conversion, but you could go and ask the dealer. I think you may need some additives but i am not 100% sure about that. Also, what do you mean change the fuel filter regularly ? you have to change that regularly no matter what king of fuel you use so ... maybe you meant more often ?
  11. Focus St Mk2 & Springs

    Hi, In my opinion forget eibach if you want a gentle ride :). Also, take into consideration that the stiffness is given by shock absorbers rather then springs. And with this into mind i would try these ones : http://www.kyb-europe.com/shocks.html I used them in the past with good performace for a street car
  12. Locking From Inside?

    btw, you have a child lock on your back doors. Just beneath the door lock, you'll see a small plastic white screw, just turn it and you will not be able to open the door from inside, no matter if it's locked or not. This is a safety feature so your kids don;t open the door while driving and stuff. Also, there is a way to actually auto-lock all doors, when you go faster them 8 mph. This can be done thru FORD IDS program or, there is a LONG combo you could try. I still think you have to have 4 electric windows also ... don's ask why :).. I'll post it if i find it.
  13. Performance Mods For 2.0 Tdci

    @Bigdaddycain: A cloged exahust and a new one ... even a stock one, will make a difference, a full "race" exhaust, ... meaning an empty pipe will make a difference, the ones they call sport exhaust is just a sound modifier :) I dont know what you bought, or what you have, BUT, if you have just put a tip, and changed the end exhaust you will get a nice noise nothing more :). This is just an opinion btw, but i did modified a few things on cars, and on dyno, sport exhaust or not, it will make no difference as far as i could see.
  14. Performance Mods For 2.0 Tdci

    just go to ford etis and check if you have or not. Also you can see the options the car had when it came out of the production line. It's free and you'll sleep better at night ;)
  15. Guys, deleting DPF from ECU is one thing, and that may cause problems just because it's not that easy. Meaning that it is not 100% accurate. Most "tuners" don't do it right and because of that you will have problems. The topic here states that : you are not doing anything to the ECU. You are just lying to it :) by emulating the the pressure in the DPF sensors. This is something that i have on my car for a while with no bad consequences, no smoke, no problems. It is the safest way to go in my opinion. I know there were some schematics somewhere on our local forums and I've been struggling to find them with no luck it seems. Also take into consideration that diesel fuel has changed a lot, less sulphates, meaning less emissions and also less lubrication of the engine, a bad thing actually but this is another story. Emissions rules : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_emission_standards