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  1. New Project For Mk6

    the engine will fit in no bother and run fine also with all the same sensors etc but you wont see much gain out of it unless you get a 1.4 ecu to run it also.,, all those engines are the same aslone as they are the black rocker cover, ive recently put a 1.6 focus engine into a 1.4 ghia because i didnt have any 1.4's left, and left it runing from the 1.4 ecu.. run alot quicker but if i had have got a zs fiesta ecu it would have all the potensal. personally id put a 16 into it as it wont be of any or much of a differnt cost and then hunt the breakers and get a zetec s key ecu and clocks and give it a proper upgrade as it will run with the same wiring loom.
  2. Finally Got Some Money For Mods

    you could do the rear wiper arm to the flush plastic arm and blade, think its an astra rear arm and a 08 onwards blade. though i think you can buy a bosh arm and blade the exact size now rather than shoping around for both seperate.
  3. Fiesta Zetec 1.4 Tdci Cam Belt Change

    the cam belt on a 1.4 tdci is 125,000 though id change it a little earlier and its best to change it as a kit changing bearings/tensioners also as these can fail as well as the belt brake.
  4. Flood Damaged Egnine

    having fixed hundreds of ford flood damaged engines from the newer engines rite back to the older engines i can tell you that only a small amount of water was injested and has bent the piston connecting rod ever so slightly and most likely rite across the line and thats why your engine runes fine and doesnt seam out of power, basicly changing the timing slightly but not enough to cause upset, now for the ticking, a complete over haul or engine replacement is your only way out because what has happened is the rod is bent ever so slightly so that when the piston is rising to top dead center the rod is not interfering but tapping the bottom of the cylender and thats the tap, if its out of your own pocket drive on as it mostlikely wont fail rather just annoy you. if it fails your going to need a replacement lump(bottom end)
  5. 1.4 will not need re codeing and dont worrie about the part numbers as long as the makes are all kept the same.. use another set of copper washers as the last ones have been squashed to the tightening point for the prevous seal, also if you didnt replace the locating shim the last time replace it this time, thats the plastic spacer part at the top of the injector when fitted as that stops any movement to gain a better seal.
  6. Zetec S Tdci, Upgrading Turbo..

    was wondering if there was any guys on here with experiance on these 1600 pug engines. i was told a while back that the fiesta engine could be upgraded slightly for a little more bottom end responce by upgrading the turbo to the 115bhp focus turbo though the injectors would need to be changed to the 155 brake injectors also to be able to supply fraction more fuel for the added boost. i know theres not many would do it as its very costly for a turbo and 4 injectors but im in the position of being left the 115brake gear after doing an engine in a water damaged focus. so my question is has anyone come across this before or has anyone ever done it before.
  7. 2006 Focus Engine System Fault

    engine systems fault is regurly caused by the car failing to start and or low flat battery, if you jump start the car and go for a drive to charge the battery the engine systems fault will display the whole length of the drive then when you swith the car off and restart the car it will cancel the error message and alls good, could have been caused by a light left on or a door left on a latch etc, newer fords need to detect over the 12 volts to to be able to turn the starter and not cause any warnings and if your battery dorps even just a little most systems dont even allow the starter to turn even slowly..
  8. Fiesta Mk 6.5 Zetec-S Front Bumper

    having a crack filled will not work as it will most likely vibrate and re crack, the best and most practical meathod would be to look the yellow pages or local business phone book and check for a plascic weilders, remove the bumper/few bolts each side accesed from under the front wheels after you remove the splash gards/inner wheel arch.. once you have your bumper off then leave it to have the crack weilded then find a painters/body shop to finnish and paint the bumper, rebuild your grilles etc back in then fit your freashly painted bumper back on the car.. if you get a new bumper you have to unbolt and rebolt the new one and have it painted any way so few quid for a plastic weild versus 400 odd for a new bumper.. and if your toe eye cover doesnt fit nice any more then a new ones only about a fiver in ford.
  9. Fiesta 04 Radio Replacement

    you cannot fit an mp3 cable to that radio unless you get an after market box thing but if that was the case and in wanting to get bluetooth hands free as well then the best option would be a parrot hands free kit with the ipod/iphone connectivity/ music streeming option.. you buy what is called a sot lead meaning it plugs into you radio and into the car wiring leaving iso plugs to connect to the parrot kit then when the phone rings the audio comes through the car speakers and when the music streeming is selected then it also comes through the car speakers.
  10. Mondeo Zetec 2008 Central Locking Key Fob Problems

    its very simple and im supprised a more active member has not taken the time to reply, when you do the proceedure and you press the button on the remote to programe it and have comframation of the second beep simply press a button on the second remote and it will then beep too then either wait a few seconds for the learn proceedure to save or put a key back into the ignition and turn on and off again. so to cap it again press one remote hear a beep then press the second remote hear another beep walla both done lol.
  11. obd 11 was only compliant od diesal from 2004 onwards although some cars it connects to from around the 2000 mark, on petrols obd11 was 1999. have come across this myself where 2002 tdci fiesta an obd code reader will connect no bother but a 2002 pug 206 with same 14. tdci(hdi) engine it will not connect to at all, then 2004 206 it will connect as there is differnt ecu..
  12. 2003 Mondeo Keyless Entry

    did you ever find out if you could get your mondeo done.. i may have a solution if you havent got sorted, it will not give you a second key but is a cheap way to turn your exsisting key into keyless entry.. thats entry not keyless start like the newer mondeo. firstly buy either a working second hand or even new remote, turn your key think its 4 times on and off and on the forth time there will be a beep from the dash, remove the key then press a button on the remote then you will hear a second beep indicating it was initalised ok. go to your local ford dealer and then get them to cut you a remote key blade also known as a horse shoe blade. now you will have a remote that works the locking and a blade to turn the ignition but will not work the start the engine till programed to the ecu, pop open the remote and remove the chip from inside and do away with it as it wont be needed, at the end of your old key remove the blue cap at the bottom of the key and slide out a white part that houses the chip belonging to your vehicle, pop your chip into the remote and put remote into key blade then walla your single key is now a single remote key..
  13. Windsreen Washer Jets (Front)

    mondeo wires if heated do indeed need to be made longer, mist jets are great job and very easy to fit. when buying go to ford dealer because the ones above at 11 quid (non heated) i bought for my wifes fiesta and cost me just under 6 quid and the heated jets were only 20p more expencive. fleebay can be quite expencive for some things if you dont realise.
  14. Handbrake Won't Hold

    dont know if you got your problem sorted but the older mk3 mondeos had the big spring type auto tensioner at the lever, simply put alot of them didnt work even after the millions of recalls and the second recall for the same thing given them a new lever with a tighter spring and even after the calaper recalls for the cable brackets, the only cure for an older mk3 that will not adjust was to get a newer mk 3 lever with the manul screw adjust and fit that along with 2 new cables (after market are all good cables) set of pads. if your mondeo has the screw adjuster under the car then change the cables as they are common to seize up and new pads. if all done at once you wont belive the differnce. i worked in a ford dealer when all the recalls were done and swear 3 recalls for the same problem and on some of them that were that bad fomoco even forked out for the second revised lever with the screw adjuster.
  15. Headlight Washers

    how did you get on with your washers, did you find out if they were a fail, i know if you have high discharge lights then if you have leveling motors fitted then they need to definetly work but as for the washers im not sure on,i thought they just needed to be secure as for the rule with loose trim and free from leaks.