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  1. Auto Window Shutting !

    Gotcha....Thank you.
  2. Auto Window Shutting !

    Lift ??? The buttons are rockers....push open, push closed !
  3. Auto Window Shutting !

    Hey...Spookily I HAVE got 4 electric windows. Will pop out and have a play ! Well didn't work in the first attempt..will try again soon. Whats is meant by "Global" in this instance.
  4. Auto Window Shutting !

    JUST got our first Focus (02 Ghia) and as a Vauxhall owner I'm quite impressed with the Focus overall. BUT a question. IF I swiched the ignition off after hitting the window switch, the windows stop closing. With a VX they keep closing until shut or can be closed after leaving the vehicle by either placing the key in the outside door lock OR holding the lock button down on the key fob. With the Focus, do we have to wait till the windows are all closed before removing the key.
  5. Cleaning The Car In The Rain

    Certainly NOT alone. I wash the cars in the rain quite often....ONLY us smart ones know why ! No water marks, less water, better finish.....As well as the Focus I have an Omega...and THAT normally requires a ton of water !
  6. Mis-Sold Spec ?

    That's correct Volts...but honestly it's ok. 1.6 2002 Ghia with full leather, spotless bodywork...it really is a fantastic car for my wife to drive...AND that's coming from a 20 year long Vauxhallite. When my Omega 3.0 dies I'll seriously look at Ford again.....but would be looking for a lot more horses....
  7. Mis-Sold Spec ?

    LOL ! Thank you for your advise all. Put it this way, on Thursday, in the snow, I broke and she slid beautifully...with no judder..UNLIKE my 3.0 Litre Omega which shudders like crazy with VX ABS working overtime to try to stop my barge.
  8. Mis-Sold Spec ?

    NOT the end of the world but recently purchased a 2002 1.6 GHIA for my wife. Ebay ad, from small dealer said it had ABS and ESP. Asked my mechanic to look her over and he reported that there were NO ABS sensors on her so I would have thought ESP was a load of tosh also. I'm a Vauxhall man so don't know enough about FORD....has the car been mis-sold to me. In fairness we won't care as she is a fantastic car in any event but it would be usefull to know. I
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Chris Duggins :)