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  1. This is the latest I've found so far, he was based in Biskra (at least when the letter was sent). I'll keep digging
  2. My wife and I have done some digging around in our place under floorboards and found a letter amongst a lot of other bits and bobs from an RAF Sgt dated 1944, would be interesting to find out if he made it through the war and if he's still around, or has family around or what the score is.... It was obviously written to a girlfriend at the time, but obviously if that girl became wife and they had kids etc, it might be something nice to share with family if they're still around or something.... Have his name and number - I've done a google search and it's not returned anything obvious, just wondering if there is a forum or something you people or ex military people know about.. Cheers...
  3. Haha Ghana, your message about the water company brought back suppressed memories of a particular time at uni....I had a 9 start 4 out of 5 days a week. The one lie in day was a 10 start -_-.. so students being students we went out drinking far too much, the next morning I struggled out of bed - still intoxicated I'd imagine... I had the mother of all hangovers and an interesting stomach too.... I staggered into the bathroom in my room, had a wee, flushed the loo, clambered into the shower only to find there was no water...whole building was turned off for maintenance.... I must have smelled like a blooming brewery when I was in class - and probably looked like I'd slept on the streets too! Had to exit the class on a number of occasions to check out the uni plumbing... Come to think of it, I think that hangover lasted a good couple of days... Something I've done my best to try not to repeat!
  4. Jamie don't shoot the messenger. I'm glad you're so conscious about your drinking and driving or lack of driving, its perfectly sensible...but I didn't ask you about it or suggest otherwise. Bloke asks about what he needs for France, I mention breathalysers, you question why and I give you an example of why one might need one and like others say it's the law..... If you wouldn't drink a lager top with a meal and then drive home then that's up to you/your body/your mind.... Personally I still will... But I never go over a pint.. some will say any is too much and that is there decision, I'm within the laws and if you disagree then head to parliament and change the law...
  5. Yeh Jamie, the law, basically so people know where they stand. It's nit a bad thing for law abiding folk. Crim's gonna crim so doesn't count, but if you go for a meal have a couple glasses of wine and think you're gonna drive home, quick puff and you'll know if you're good to go, or maybe need another dessert and coffee and try again in an hour or so...
  6. Yes mate, you'll need to sort the headlights, the stickers are probably the job, rather than faffing with the levels... Make sure you have a yellow jacket for each of the passengers and yourself, spare bulb kit, um you need breathalysers too! I think a red triangle, but not 100% on that... Also, if you get in your car in France, put seatbelts on before even starting the car...if I think of anything else I'll post. :)
  7. Keys in ignition, in gear, gas on the right, clutch in the left, brake in the middle... Try and hit the ferry or the train rather than the water, try not to bring a car load of stowaways back....
  8. Ah.... Well, in that case I feel better for not knowing exactly! Hahaha...
  9. Awww poor Brandy! Well, at least you saved her! :)
  10. I used to leave the window fully down when I've got the Scottie in the car...people are welcome to stick their hands in there! In fact, depending on how expensive their bling rings are, I'd go as far as actively encouraging it....
  11. Interesting how I've never met any of you in real life, but I know that both Lenny and Ghana wipe sitting down and Tom stands up bent double to wipe.... ....it's times like these that the swear filter should allow me to say OMFG in full ...
  12. Interesting topic re loo roll.... *Rolls eyes* Having an account with a wholesalers I tend to use those big blue rolls for kitchens for my everyday tissues in my pocket sort of thing. They're endless and strong. Bog roll for blowing noses is useless - trust me, I get hayfever so I know these things! Anyone tried leaves for ahem an alternative to bog roll.... I have been known to get caught out once or twice, if I'm fortunate i have some of that aforementioned blue tissue, otherwise leaves are quite an alternative.... 'sigh'
  13. I like that Pretzel has found a new use for Twigs...
  14. I do understand, the only thing is, there is nothing more blooming awkward than trying to get something out the second row of a 3 door car.. I actually had a nephew in his car seat in the back of my 3 door when I was younger and it was a nightmare, not to mention parking spaces (as 3 doors have bigger doors). Of course it's each to their own and don't let my opinion sway what you desire if you don't want it to, it's just what I've experienced and what I'd personally never go back to by choice...
  15. agreed on the 3 door thing... I went from a 3 door to a 5 door car, it was decidedly better, then an estate... now I'm convinced either a van or a 4x4 lol.... unless I can get in with a sneaky ST estate first
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