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  1. Who drives an older fiesta?

    hi mate yeah sorry for such a long wait in repling yeah mines silver im the 2nd owner its just got to 84000 miles i think ive had it about 8 yrs now or more
  2. Who drives an older fiesta?

    i have an e reg xr2 love it had a mk3 fez turbo but sold it
  3. intermittent problem starting/stalling

    hi mate yeah defo fuel pump its inside your fuel tank it called an imersed fule pump i cant think it might be a drop the tank job as i cant think if ford ever put a plte under ya backseat ,ive done a few every time it fixed the problem ok
  4. hi folks im new on here today

    hi mate thanks
  5. mk2 xr2 intermittent stalling problem

    hi folks my e reg xr2 has an intermittent stalling problem it only does it now and then .id be driveing fine then as i go to stop at a junction it just dies it starts right away when turn key and if i rev it as it goes to stall its fine soon as let throttle go it stalls then start up again drives perfect its doing my head in anyone else had this fault im certain it must be a carb fault or something thanks scotty :P
  6. hi folks im new on here today

    hi there i joined today just thought id say hi and happy xmas ,