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  1. gforce

    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    By the way, I'd fire the car through MOT and see what they say. Did this with the wife's wee Fiesta recently which had a loud knock/bang from the front right over bumps. Google was inconclusive and I didn't have the time to look at it myself, but MOT tester pointed it out (ball joints I think from memory) so took it straight to the garage after the test, replaced that evening and passed the re-test the very next morning, with no nasty noises since.
  2. gforce

    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Wasn't me bud, but I could near guarantee it was a good friend of mine from up near Sion who does shift work in DuPont, that would have been him on the way home. That's a 2002 pre-facelift 2.0TDCi with full final facelift ST kit and pretty much every mod you can imagine on it, reg NEZ I'm guessing. You wouldn't think to look at it that it's a 15 year old 350k mile is a bit like Trigger's broom at this stage mind you. He always has a handful of Mondeos about him and has a fully equipped garage...great man to know!
  3. gforce

    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Haha, I'd be the same to be fair! As I said, the Focus def caught my eye, was even looking at it in the rearview and remembered it so clearly that when I saw this thread today I knew straight away and knew exactly where to find it from the dashcam footage! I'm from the town so be about a good bit, but living in Omagh this past few years. Based in Letterkenny most days so part of the near-daily commute. Was keeping an eye out today on my way through but got away a bit earlier today. I used to have the dark blue kitted Mk2 Focus on here, I'm in a silver Mondeo ST now this past 3 and a bit years, DEZ plate with black bi-xenons, so keep an eye out!
  4. gforce

    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Strabane bypass. The car def caught my eye, but it's a complete fluke to be honest that I happened to log back in here today (slow day in the office!)...noticed you were still posting so opened Pg40 of your thread and and knew straight away from the pics at the top of the page that I had passed you yesterday evening! Pic is just a chopped screen grab from the dashcam...
  5. gforce

    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Spotted! Haven't been on here in an age so had no idea it was you! Definitely caught my eye though, real headturner
  6. gforce

    Looking To Upgrade My Headlights

    Are you just looking to change your bulbs or upgrade the whole headlight? I retro-fitted a set of genuine Mondeo xenons to mine, but thought the light output was still pretty bleak, so I fitted a set of bi-xenon projectors to the standard of the best mods I've done to be honest.
  7. gforce

    Irish Meet August 2014/2015

    The hyper silver really caught my eye and the wee drop makes it too. I could probably do a meet this year too (think last year I only found out the night before and already had plans), not that I have much to show either in terms of mods!
  8. gforce

    Irish Meet August 2014/2015

    Was beside Dylan 'ClarkeLad' this morning at the Polestar Roundabout in Letterkenny...does that qualify as the first Irish mini-meet of 2015?! Car's looking well by the way...what are those wheels?
  9. gforce

    Mk3 Mondeo Build Thread

    Very nice bud. Been toying with the idea of some blacks as well myself following on from my headlights. On the old Focus I did all the grilles, fog surrounds, mirror caps etc and thinking of doing the same on the Mondy. Defo doin the front middle lip part, tempted to do the other grilles, plastics and wing mirrors too. What happened with the headlight? Should be able to pick up one from a scrappy for pretty cheap I'd have thought. Actually upgraded my own headlights recently...was fed up with the HID kit I was running in my black-eyed reflectors so a mate of mine was able to lend me a set of black-eyed genuine xenons. This meant I could have my own off the car and I installed a set of mini H1 bi-xenon projectors to them, and clear indicator lenses while I was at it...and they are possibly my favourite mod that I've done to a car. I fitted genuine black ST-3 bi-xenons to the Focus and missed them on the Mondeo. When I found out you could get the projector kit for a retro-fit install I ordered up all the parts and was able to take the time with them to do the job right. Light output is so much better than the genuine xenons I was running for a couple of weeks and they look so much better too with the aftermarket shrouds etc. Would definitely recommend them if you're up for it. Relatively straightforward to fit, easier and cheaper than a set of genuine xenons, and far better results. As usual, I have no pics of the finished article yet and didn't take many as I went along, but here's one to give you an idea...
  10. Agree with Mark above also re the inlet manifold cleaning whilst at the EGR...pretty sure it's included in the wiki as well.
  11. I think from memory the EGR only opens/functions from up around 2k revs anyway so again, EGR trouble would be my first bet. You can start by taking it apart and cleaning it out to see if it improves (as mentioned, it can get badly coked up), and making sure everything is refitted properly afterwards. A blanking plate is another option for the sake of a couple of quid, or can even DIY one if you like. Only thing is, I think your 06 will be a Euro IV emissions, so you'll get the EML on the dash with it blanked off. Have you run the little diagnostics trick on the instrument cluster to see if it's showing any error codes? Or have your own bluetooth/wi-fi ELM scanner?
  12. gforce

    Reverse Mmt6

    Mmmm...can't fully remember, somewhere in the region of £100 new from Ford I think, £10-20 from ebay/breakers used, anything in between for an aftermarket version from a motor factors. Not labour intensive either as it's just behind the clutch pedal in the footwell. I think you'd have more problems than just reverse though in that case. Seized linkage cable could be ticket so you're right to start with looking there.
  13. That EGR to intercooler is most likely either split or has come loose around the top...the whooshing you mention and the the oily sooty residue in that area are those exact symptoms. I'd get it off for a proper look if I was you (most common place for a split is at the elbow of the bend, but a quick search of Google images and youtube will make it clear) and make sure it's fitted tight when put back on.Would recommend an EGR blanking plate too. Also on the door pull, you're right that it just needs a little mod to the catch on the handle. Bit fiddly to put it back in place but well worth it. I used wee cut off an old mud flap that was lying around and glued it to the inside of the catch. And on the point of noise when depressing the clutch, could be signs of the flywheel on it's way out but 68k miles is pretty low for that. Worth having looked at though.
  14. gforce

    Reverse Mmt6

    Hopefully so mate, good luck with it and let us know how it turns out. Only reason I asked is my old ZS got really stiff in reverse, 1st and 2nd, to the point I couldn't select them, but only when the car was running. Turned out to be the clutch master cylinder but it was a few 'interesting' days driving before I got it fixed...switching the car off coasting to junctions, select first, start back up again, and a lot of 3rd gear take-offs!
  15. gforce

    Reverse Mmt6

    It doesn't have a facelift (55plate onwards) 6 speeds (on the ST at least) had a collar for lift-up reverse, and early pre-facelift 5 speeds were also lift-up reverse. Your 04 is just push over and up, no lift-up collar. There's obviously gonna be a bit of resistance to prevent selecting it accidentally instead of first, but if it's so tight that you struggle to engage it, something isn't right. Gearbox oil change, check the linkages, or clutch master cylinder are all possible diagnoses/fixes...or a can of spinach before each drive. Are first and second ok? Is it only when the car's running or is it just as stiff with the ignition off?