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  1. Help! Clicking/ticking Noise Coming From Engine

    It turned out that the alternator belt and a pulley wheel need to be replaced. There was a loss of power steering at a low rev count. It cost around €135 to fix. Parts and labour
  2. Hi I have a MK2 2005 Focus TDCI LX. Recently it has started to make a clicking/ticking noise while the engine is running. It usually happens at around 1200 to 1800 RPM, above or below this it does not seem to make the noise. The mileage on the car is 123k and I have serviced it regularly every 6k miles since I bought the car in 2011 when it had 88k miles on it. At every service I have replaced the air, oil and fuel filter. With the most recent service I bought 10w40 semi synthetic oil. I have a feeling that this oil is the problem, or that the timing belt is about to give up the ghost soon. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Timing Belt Or Chain?

    Hi guys. I have a 2005 1.6 TDCi 110bph focus. It's done 108k miles and I am aware it needs the timing belt changed at 125k miles. But I have heard that the older models have timing chain. Could someone clarify it for me? Cheers
  4. Dash Warning Light

    Hi Guys I have a 2005 Mk 2 Focus, it's a 1.6 TDCI LX. Recently while driving home the engine fault light came on. I decided to pull over and check the engine. Nothing seemed out of place on it. So I set off again. When I started the car again the light went off. The same happened again this morning. I get the car serviced every six thousand miles. This includes changing air, oil and fuel filter. The car has just done over 104k miles and is due to have the timing belt changed at around 125k miles. Is this serious or can I let it slide to the end of the month? Thanks in advance!
  5. Steering Rack

    Hi Does anyone know where I could get a nylon bushing for a 1997 Encore Fiesta? The car has no power steering. There are no physical effects on the driving. It is purely as my brother will be doing his driving test in the car and doesn't feel confident with the squeaking noise that it makes when he turns and the noise when the car is cruising.
  6. Turbo Seems Not To Be Working

    The turbo was replaced because it stopped working. It sounded like someone was shaking a bag of spanners when that happened. It was a new turbo that was put in. I can get up to cruising speed, which is around 55-60 MPH, but to get there and to overtake it has been a lot slower. I now have to put my foot right to the floor in order to accelerate to overtake etc. It has occurred in the last two days when the weather here has become damp and foggy, but it is not cold.
  7. Turbo Seems Not To Be Working

    Hi I am having a problem with my Ford Focus. It's the Mk2 1.6 TDCI. The turbo doesn't seem to be working when I accelerate. It has done 100k miles and I get it serviced without fail every 6k miles by a garage. The turbo was replaced at 88k miles, so I can't see why it would go after around 12k miles. Could it be dirty diesel that could be causing the problem? Thanks in advance
  8. Engine Puffing

    Cheers! Thanks for the help! Dave
  9. Engine Puffing

    Hi. I recently bought a 2005 1.6 tdci focus. It started making a puffing sound coming from the injectors. I inspected this further and there is a bit of white/grey smoke coming from injectors too. It's just done shy of 91k miles. Does anyone know what this could be?
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums DavidOrde :)