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  1. Need Some Advice, Studio Specification

    Cheers for the advice people. Just chucked my car into ford etis and seems like it does have electric windows according to this. "Power Front Windows One Touch Up/Do" and a cheeky "DAB Radio" not bad for a brand new £7500 car :) How accurate is ford etis? Seems strange that i seen a few pre-reg ones with wind-ups out in the back. I'm having nightmares about it ahah!
  2. Need Some Advice, Studio Specification

    I haven't spoken to the dealer on this yet, wanted some advice here first. Going to wait for the VIN number so I can clarify the specs, then i'll discuss it with the dealer. As long as you think I have some grounds for some kind of compensation i'm happy.
  3. Recently ordered a new fiesta studio, found out last night by having a look at the pre-reg cars at the back of the dealer that it doesn't have electric windows. Its clearly stated in the brochure and on the website that the car has these as standard. Where do i stand on this when i go collect the car on the 15th? It's sorta put me off, wish i'd gone for the higher spec now if i knew that. Can I expect some discount? Spec list: http://www.ford.co.u...1=1204919790075 Brochure: http://www.ford.co.u...Brochure/Fiesta
  4. Dash Trim

    Just traded in my mk2 05 focus for a brand new fiesta, okay it's a studio but got a cracking deal on it. Works out £84 a month with a £1000 down as deposit on a 2 yr pcp deal. I'm pretty sure that can't be beaten! Anyway, cause it's a studio the interior trim around the stereo is black rather than silver. Does anyone know how I could replicate the silver look trim of the higher spec models? This is what the interior looks like atm:
  5. Radio Fascia

    I can't see the complete tutorial for the conversion. Am i missing something? I'm gonna give it a go this weekend, little bit worried about the brackets situation. Can anyone expand on this for me?
  6. Radio Fascia

    Cheers for the guide mate, looks like fitting the facelift model stereo is more hassle than it's worth. So i'm now looking at this stereo : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Sony-CD-MP3-Player-Double-Din-Radio-/180819412988?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item2a19ad47fc#ht_500wt_1287 Do you reckon i'll have any problems with this one? Looking at it the stereo is square so I won't have to change the fascia and there are keys on each of the corners of the stereo.
  7. Radio Fascia

    Hi there, I have a 2005 MK2 Focus and am looking to replace the original stereo with the new one in the facelifted mk2 focus. What would this involve? I understand I need a new curved fascia but I believe that's all? Would it just be a straight swap of stereos? Also, i'm struggling to find a curved fascia. Anybody know where i could obtain one. Many thanks.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums FocusTDCI110 :)