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  1. To close this out. for now. The problem simply stopped when the weather picked up so I'm wondering if something was frozen out of place somewhere. Main Ford dealer had said that they would have a quick look and advise for free but anything more would be at least £80. I had no warranty for the fitting as it had been done 'off book'. Nevertheless, I thought I'd see what they had to say. The mechanic opened the bonnet and within about 5 seconds without really looking at the lock said that I would need a new bonnet release cable fitted "How much?", I asked, he guesstimated £200. I left. Hopefully OK until the next arctic blast. Thanks for the suggestions - regards David
  2. Sadly, no joy. Locking with the key still activated the alarm. I've also tried swearing at it but that hasn't helped either. I'm still a bit puzzled as to why my fuse box near the rear nearside light cluster doesn't match the manual. Fortunately it's only going off about twice a day and ny neighbours do not seem to have started a lynch mob. Yet. I'll have a better fidget with it tomorrow as I will have a bit more time. Drenching it in WD40 didn't help. Thanks for your input. David
  3. Lock a car with a key!!!? What a quaint notion, just like in the olden days. :) I'll give it a go and report back, many thanks for the suggestion. David
  4. The bonnet on my car will not close properly. I had to but a new catch (about £70) only two months ago and I'd probably only had the bonnet open twice since then before the current problem. I don't seem to be able to lock the car without having the alarm on and, of course, I am not popular with my neighbours. Ford dealer can't look at it for 6 days (!) so I decided that the interim solution was to remove the alarm fuse. This pagehttp://www.fordmondeo.auto-manual.org/fordmondeo-180.html or page 174 of this page http://www.scribd.com/doc/20516545/2008-Mondeo-Owner-manual point me to removing fuse FB10 but when I remove the trim in the boot (at the left hand side near the lights) then I don't get a triple headed fuse box - just something that looks like about one of those sections. [i'll add a photo tomorrow if this will help.] Any ideas? a) how to sort catch B) how to lock car without alarm activated (don't expect so from my investigations) or c) what the fuse situation is. Many thanks in advance David
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums YoungDavid :)