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  1. Hi I have just bought a set of 17" street pack alloys and have fitted Kumho KU39s these had a good write up on one of the tyre survey web sites, cost £62.50 each fitted and balanced at a local tyre outlet. :)
  2. Is A Spare Tyre Really Necessary?

    I would say YES I have had run flats for the last few years on my last car BMW M Sport so no problem, But now with the Fiesta I would say yes, As it happens my car came with a spare free of charge, Just for the peace of mind ( YES ) If you don't like the 50 mph spare then buy a proper wheel it will fit in the boot well. :)
  3. Hi I was in the same dilemma a few weeks ago, I had no preference so I did my maths and compared what the running cost would be over 12 months, As I only do about 6k a year ----- The diesel = £1000 more to buy / 10p a ltr more / servicing costs more, It worked out only a few quid in it, So went for 1.4 petrol, If I did a lot more miles I would probably went for the diesel.
  4. Hi everyone I am new to this site, I reading another post and when I commented on this I told that if I upgrade from my 15" alloys to the 17" ones I would need to fit a part to my steering rack to stop the tyres rubbing on the body work, Anyone done this or know what is involved, Any info would be helpful, Ken
  5. City To Street Alloys

    Thanks for that Nathan will go and get this to-morrow, Is it an easy job to fit ?,
  6. City To Street Alloys

    I was in the same position as you last week but found a seller on E Bay selling a set of 17" ford fiesta zetec s wheels advertised as in excellent condition, I received them yesterday and they are, The wheels inc delivery were £380 the set. :) I am looking to buy the tyres now, I am looking at the KHUMO 39s 205/40/17 they had a really good write up on one of the web sites, I was not aware of the the steering rack mod will have to check this out, I also would like any info from anyone who knows anything about this mod.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums KEN*H :)