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  1. Thanks bt, good call, changed the heater control valve which took about 20 mins & all is normal.
  2. Hi all, couple of weeks ago I noticed that the heater in my T reg 1.25 ZETEC was blowing cold with hot selected, this returned to normal after a few miles & I thought no more of it. 24 hours later the temp gauge hit the red as the car had developed a coolant leak. Eventually traced the leak down to the thermostat housing ( part of the o ring seal locating flange had disintergrated, un seating the seal ). I changed the housing for new but when starting the engine & up to normal running temp there was no hot air at all. Bled the water system to no avail. After about an hour took it for a spin, gave it a good booting tbh & hey presto heat came through, then faded back to cold. This was yesterday, went for a run today and heat came on as normal & got nice & warm but after about 5 mins went back to cold but sporadically warmish/ hotish air kept fading in & out. Coolant level is normal, temp gauge sitting halfway as it always has done. I had a look at the heater control valve & after just touching one of the hose connections the plastic neck the pipe connects to just "broke off". Im going to change the valve but not sure if this is the cause of my in & out hot/cold air problem. Someone has suggested head gasket failure but there are no other signs of this ( over temp, mayo etc ). Anyone got any ideas? Can find plenty of threads with either constant hot or cold air but nothing like this. Thanks for reading.
  3. Coolant Leak

    Having a similar drama with my T reg Mk 4, it dumped the coolant contents on the M4 & gave me the red temp gauge. The RAC diagnosed a leak from above the oil filter but couldnt nail it down because of the closet- like access in the engine bay. They put some leak stopper in the system and it sealed it. This got me to work & back which is a 100 mile round trip. Now trying to do a proper diagnosis but just got a slight dribble to track & cant isolate it. Could be a core plug but dont know where or if these engines have them. Might just speculate & change the water pump cos its up round that area. Could just thrash the !Removed! off the car & see if it pi55es out again. Water pump change is favourite cos it will give me an excuse to do the timming belt. How long will the temp repair last? K Seal any good (dont laugh)? Any other suggestions are most welcome.
  4. Fuel Price..

    Two ESSO garages about half a mile apart in Bristol, one charges £1.44 & the other £1.37 for unleaded. W.T.F!! Is this legal. !Removed! Turpin wears an ESSO badge. Having said that On The Run ( who I believe is ESSO ) at Cardiff West M4 services are at £1.37 and have a policy of setting the price to £1 below the nearest TESCO. Still expensive but thats good for a motorway service station. My personnal policy is to avoid any garage that is £1.40. If they all go above that the car is going to be !Removed! canned cos Ive had enough of all this.
  5. Hi all, recently got a 99 plate 1.25 Fiesta Ztec. Cost me less than £500, with 7 months tax & 12 months mot ,BARGAIN!!!. It had better behave cos I have a 100 mile a day commute. Actually I quite like the car and it drives nice. Looks like a good forum. Was going to add some photos of the car (dont know why, its nothing special) but could only get a picture of the Vother to upload. Never mind.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Soulfox :)