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  1. help I have the above and have sourced 2nd hand parts fitted them but still getting the dreaded message any help would be greatly RECIEVED
  2. Speakers

    help help help i have bout some after market speakers for my 2008 1.8 zetec mondeo and need help,how do i get the new speakers to fit,im assuming there are some brackets/spacers required and also why when i have tried wiring the new ones up to c if they work i loose the little ones by the glass on the door
  3. Towbar

    can anyone tell me if a towbar from a 2001 sallon/hatch will fit a 2005 55 plate monedo estate please
  4. Speaker Removal

    hi guys can anyone tell me how to remove the front speakers on my Mondeo 1800 zetec 125(6) please as i think the drivers door is shot all help is most great full
  5. High Mileage Ghia?

    I had a 2001 tddi ghia and the flywheel went ford wanted £1800 to do it but I sorced the parts and got a local garage to do it in all it cost me £550 well worth doing a check like previous comment as its a small fortune plus surely u can find a lower milage car for that price
  6. Thirst Mondeo

    Z3 mon that's just like mine does I hate it I look a rite Pratt lol esp as I'm a bus driver
  7. Thirst Mondeo

    so its not just me who stalls lol, I either stall in 1 St or reverse its quite embarresing
  8. Thirst Mondeo

    Right so really daft question coming up How/what is the best way to drive the tdci and whats the difference between the tddi and tdci
  9. Thirst Mondeo

    The old mondeo was great on fuel it seemed to go forever but I suppose with the new one it's just a case of getting used to it as it does drive a lot different to the old one,maybe it's just us so used to the old one and not giving this one a chance
  10. Thirst Mondeo

    i will give it a try but i have a sneaky suspicion that i may have a leaky fuel pipe somewhere but as i am no mechanic i'll have a friend check,the pipes for me,thanks for the help
  11. Thirst Mondeo

    Yeah sort off I cannot fault it on the a roads and mways but around town it's terrible we have only had it since mid dec and had a 2001 tddi before it which was great on fuel so this is weird it's like I can put say £20 diesel in this and after about 150 it's time to top up again but in the older one it was over 225 we are stumped
  12. Thirst Mondeo

    Thirsty mondeo 1.8 diesel zetec 125(6) 2008 08 plate Any ideas why so thirsty and what I can do to combat it Thanks guys/gals
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Bigscott71 :)