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  1. Well, I did not damage the old seals while removing old shafts. Some body else did. However I was the one who changed the seals afterwards. Just as frustrating though. New seals were cheap (OEM from Ford) and would have added whole 5-10 minutes of work, provided that you change them when everything is already apart. In this case it took few hours+transmission fluid to top up and also right side engine mount witch was busted and was noticed while doing all this (ok - ok, changed all 3 when noticed that one was busted) and helicoil and new bolt because I managed to screw up the threads of mounting bracket. Problem with not changing the seals is that when you nick them it is almost impossible to notice while removing shafts and only way to know for sure is to see if it leaks afterwards. Considering the cost of the seals, I would change them during the time everything is a part for the first time.
  2. I would get the seals as well. it is just a few quids and it is pretty irritating when you see oil dripping after everything is buttoned up. Ask me how i know this.
  3. There is metallic click within the engine. Compression is gone in cyl 1 and 4 and looking with bosescope there were vertical scratches on sleeve wall. Basically would have to open up top and bottom ends. Labor itself costs so much that it is not worth it (plus parts). Besides I have some rust problems an that ads to the problem throwing money to this motor.
  4. Well things are set. I'm going with Škoda octavia 3 1,4 tsi estate. Focus was fun and reliable. Even with engine shot it never left me stranded on the road and has been a very good car overall. Hopefully octy will be as good car as ford was.
  5. Might be sorted. However if i'm spending my own money, then 1,5 years to wait if it really is sorted or not would be too little time for me to risk it.
  6. This is in USA I know, that same thing is going on in Australia. Maybe Euro versions are OK for some weird reason? I would avoid it if possible.
  7. Yeah. Not worth doing. I have some rust problems too and I could use the car few years at best even with engine swap. Going to get something else. Probably octavia estate or focus mk3; 3,5 estate.
  8. Hello, I have inquired here previously about ticking sound that I heard from my 2006 focus estate 1,6 ti vct 85 kw engine. No one had any good idea here and ford dealership insisted, engine is OK and just ride it. Well, third party engine shop has confirmed, that engine is toast beyond economical repair. I am looking options, what to do. One is to get used engine and hope for the best. Do you guys have any info about what are the options for used engines without major electronics and ecu swaps? Only mk2 1,6 ti vct 85kw or can I use different engines also? Because at least mk3 had 1,6ti vct engines in use and mk2 engines usually have pretty big mileage and finding usable one is pretty tall order. Any info is welcome. Vin is WF0WXXGCDW6P67660 if that's any help.
  9. Worth a look. I also had leaking problem when I used roof racks and used screw holes on the roof to fix the racks. When not in use you need to seal the screw holes or they will leak. Hinge area leak MK2
  10. Wow, quite interesting that they did two 1,5l engines in such a short time 4 cyl and 3 cyl. I wonder why they did not just stay with 4 cyl engine since it is pretty new design and has many new features the same as 3 pot 1L engine. It is clearly up to date/new and not an old design.
  11. I live in the place where we actually have something that reminds of winter (bit less lately though) and I have to ride in really slippery conditions. During soviet era we just did not have winter tires available so I have driven around for many winters with summer tires and now we have mandatory winter tires. I would never ever use winter tires on one axle and summer tires on other. It is totally idiotic thing to do and will absolutely and totally mess up the cars handling. Now bringing up the fact that our cars have stability controls and other driving aids, that will mess up things even further. Sure, if it happens to be dry asphalt even in winter, then no problem but when it is slippery and you actually need your car to handle, then it's game over.
  12. Depends on country. My car has halogen lights and headlight washers so I suspect it has the additional fluid reservoir.
  13. With taller inserts and floor will there be a step for loading area? And has it been designed to be level with space aver?
  14. How is the back side molded from factory? Are you still able to physically fit the full size spare wheel or will it only fit either space saver or no spare wheel at all? Space saver is quite stupid idea... If you are riding somewhere with full boot and you have flat... where are you supposed to put your dirty flat wheel if the boot is full and spare tire wont fit to the space savers space?