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  1. I got to see the documentary but my boss who used to be a plant manager at Ford missed it. Is there anyone out who recorded it that I could get a copy of ? Please get back to me off list, many thanks.... Chris in Belgium..........
  2. sierra xr4x4 show car

    A pal of mine is a policeman, he says there was one running around Surrey with false plates, the front one was "HELLO" and the rear............you guessed it "GOODBYE" :o
  3. Introductions .....

    Hallo Mike Welcome, I have a feeling that only you and I are members !! Not a lot of postings !! I live in Belgium (I'm a Brit) and recently bought a 1994 Mondeo 1800 TD. Wasn't planning to but got fired and had to go buy a car. Only 56.000 miles on clock, looks great. When I lived in the UK I had 2 Escorts one 1100cc (couldn't pull the skin of a rice pudding) and a 1300cc, never let me down sun, rain or shine. Good luck Chris
  4. Can anyone tell me if this is normal ? I have a 1994 Mondeo 1800TD it look like the turbo only starts to work when rev counter shows 3000 RPM, is that normal ? Thanks Chris ..................... <_<
  5. Are there any Mondeo owners out there ? Looks like very few postings. I just bought me a 1994 TD1800 CL model. Only 106.000 kilometers on the clock (verified). I live in Belgium where Mondeos are made (or used to be). The one I bought drives great, my photo "uploader" not yet working. Completed a 2000 kilometre round trip couple of weeks ago in the UK, through all that flooding in Oxfordshire, never missed a beat. I'll be back Cheers Chris Lalor, Mechelen, Belgium.