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  1. What Oil?

    Ok. Might seem a silly question but what oil should I use? I have a 2002 Fiesta Freestyle 1.25. Have noticed that the oil is getting towards the 'min' setting so want to top it up before it gets too low. Thanks mates
  2. Fiesta 1.25 Or 1.4?

    Hi Andy. I had to get rid of my car because it was slowly dying and the only thing I could afford was a not so new Fiesta 1.25. Was really worried about going from a 1.6 to a 1.25 but I was pleasantly surprised. I live out in a very rural area and have to travel to town each day for work. My little 1.25 does me proud! She has an amazing 'zip' and whilst I don't have the speed to overtake anything other than the numerous tractors I meet on my journey I can honestly say that I don't miss my 1.6 at all. She's cheaper to run and I absolutely love her! I don't remember when I last drove anything lower than a 1.4 but am completely satisfied with my 1.25. She has a Zetac engine and I have complete confidence in her. I don't think a 1.25 would be a bad choice if you're doing town driving. Jassy
  3. Hi, just changed from a clio to a fiesta. All my other cars have only required me to top up the coolant with water if it got a little low. My clio dictated that I had to top up with a special 'coolant' mixture. Can I top up my Fiesta with water, allowing for the fact that there has to be a certain amount of antifreeze? Sorry, this is an absolute idiot here!
  4. Hi, my Fiesta's battery was totally flat this morning. I've only had it two weeks and it was fine on Saturday. I have this unusual switch on the dash. The garage where I bought it from said the heater wouldn't work unless it was on - also found out the indicators wouldn't work either, so kept it permantly on. Found out this morning from the mechanic that looked at if for me that there was something slowly draining the battery when the switch was off - even if the car was turned off and nothing left on. Advised they could try to trace the drain but considering the previous owner had this switch fitted seems that they also had this problem. They fully charged the battery and there is no drain so long as I keep the switch off. Never heard of this before - neither had the mechanic, they'd never seen anything like it! So, will have to learn to turn the switch off when leaving the car! Don't know whether this will help you, but seems to be a similar problem to mine.
  5. Hi. Just purchased a very well used, but lovely 2002 Fiesta Freestyle. Only got two keys with it, one for the ignition and one for the doors. My question is, does this model support a remote? No manuals came with it so have very little info. If this model accepts a remote, would love to get one! I am sure this list will be able to tell me! Thanks. Jassyblue
  6. Hi, I have a Fiesta 1.25. Am told I need a new cam belt. Can anyone tell me the approximate cost I am looking at?
  7. Paint Codes

    Hi. I've recently become the very proud owner of a Fiesta Freestyle 1.25 [2002]. Unfortunately, the owners handbook is missing and I would like to know where I can find a replacement - but I would also like to know where to find the paint code - I have two very very tiny places where I want to paint. The colour on the details is listed as 'red' but its metallic so need to know the exact colour. As a very new Ford owner, would very much appreciate any advice. Thank you Jassyblue
  8. Fiesta

    Dan, thanks for that. Have booked a test drive on a 2002 1.25 Fiesta for Wednesday. Outwardly it looks stunning! Not a speck of rust outside and no hint of any leaks inside. Its very reassuring that there are no mechanical issues known. Hopefully the test drive will go well, and very much look forward to being able to join in the discussions on this list. Thanks again Jacquie
  9. Fiesta

    Hi. I'm looking to perhaps buy a Ford Fiesta. Having been stung on purchasing used cars in the past, I would be grateful for any hints and tips to look for when checking out a used Fiesta. Thank you Jassyblue
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Jassyblue :)