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  1. Fiesta Metal After A Few Hours...

    Looks great. Hopefully that'll give me the motivation to crack on and give mine a spit & polish, either that or i'll resort to bribing my better half ;-)
  2. Mk 7 Fiesta Metal

    There is no badge to define it but the Metal is a limited edition.
  3. Fiesta Metal Green Arrow

    Hi, Doesn't work on my 12 plate Metal either. I guess it needs an extra that I didn't choose. My partner has it on his focus though and it drives him mad as constantly tells him to change into 6th gear at 40mph!
  4. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    My metal only has 950 miles on clock and mpg is steadily rising from starting point of 34 and is now at 41mpg and still climbing. It is all commuter mileage on country lanes, so far 50 miles max on motorway & that was short bursts. This from a 1.6 petrol. I think the quoted mpg is always on the high side but the fiesta is capable of good mpg. Just my opinion but I think people need to look at their driving style rather than be so quick to criticise the car.
  5. The Mk7 Fiesta Service Costs Thread

    I have my car on the 2 year ford options plan. Am I tied in to getting it serviced at Allen Ford? Had a salesman on today offering fixed service costs. 1 year £130 (10 months at £13) 2 year £276 (23 months at £12) What do people think? Is it worth it? Good value? Apparently if you cancel you get any spare money back.
  6. Fiesta Metal !!

    I think this is a good option for you. Ask the question on the forum, maybe someone out there who actually wants to trade the black alloys for silver. Good luck with getting the mats, definitely worth arguing the point.
  7. Fiesta Metal Motorway Driving

    I don't do a lot of motorway driving in my Metal but what I have, has been a pleasure. The acceleration in 3rd and 4th will get you to your desired top speed effectively but my only slight quibble is it ought to have a 6th gear once you get there. I wouldn't say it was noisey but having just had a diesel car with 6 gears I personally feel I'm always over revving (not just on the motorway) and that I need to slide into the next gear. I think you'll love the car, the heated seats and the interior are just the business and the handling is superb compared to my old car.
  8. I Think I Have A Problem.

    That is interesting as my brakes require quite a lot of pressure to get the required effect. Might be worth a trip to the dealer especially if I suffer the issue with the revs.
  9. Buying New Fiesta Metal

    Just checked mine. Built 31st Jan after ordering mid Jan. Is interesting that it is registered as a 1.6L Zetec-S EFI TIVCT 134PS. Is yours the same Liam or was it down as a Metal?
  10. I Collect My Fiesta Metal Tomorrow :d

    Just ordered my gel overlays. Went with the black with red lettering. Will post a pic when I've got them on.
  11. Buying New Fiesta Metal

    I also own a Metal and specifically chose it because of the engine size, leather heated seats and the black alloys, all of which make it a wonderfully unique Fiesta in my opinion. I ordered mine mid Jan with the extras I wanted and took delivery on 1st March. Keyless entry and power button were optional extras along with the Sony radio. Did the dealer not ask you whether or not you wanted these? Not financially sound but if you can't get out of the contract then why don't you get the car, take out a loan to buy out the ford options, sell the car privately and then look for a second hand S1600. If that's not possible then put it down to experience, enjoy what the Metal does give you and then at the end of your contract trade in and get what you want next time.
  12. I Collect My Fiesta Metal Tomorrow :d

    Which colour combo have you gone for?
  13. Black Alloys

    I also have a black fiesta Metal with the black alloys. I think they look the business.
  14. The Car Is Here!

    Talking about the boot, have you got one of the boot liners? Managed to find one second hand on eBay but I've linked you in to a new one. They are really great if you want to keep carpet in your boot nice and clean. Have a big lip on them too so if a small amount of liquid spilt it would stay in the liner. Definitely worth a look..... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Fiesta-MK7-2008-Boot-Load-space-liner-/350210143743?pt=UK_Car_Interior_Accessories&hash=item518a26b5ff#ht_3319wt_981
  15. Fiesta Metal - Stolen

    Really sorry to hear this. My friend had his BMW stolen off his drive last week at 2am. He had CCTV and it took them 3 mins to break a small area of the driver's window, put a hand in and pull open the ECU port. The other guy then came over with a device to re-program key fobs, plugged it into the car, re-programmed another BMW key fob and then unlocked the car, pushed it off the drive and down the road and started it using the new key! It's so shocking that car manufacturers aren't designing cars to withstand this. The car is sadly long gone, probably overseas before he realised it was gone. As for you insurance, I got the best quote for my Metal from QuoteMeHappy. An online only site (apart from a phone number for claims) that is part of the Aviva group. Set up no probs by uploading proof of NCD via a scanner. You can also amend most details online without paying the admin fee charged by other insurers. I can't comment on their service as only been with them a month but maybe worth a look. Hope you can enjoy your new car when it arrives. Is it worth put a lock on the steering wheel if only to act as a deterrent to the scumbags?